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Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) chapter 1 Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) , meaning Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) , genre Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) , book cover Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) , flies Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) , Knot (The Deirdre Series #4) fb0689857015e A New Monster Arises, Set On Devouring Her But Will Deirdre Have The Strength To Defeat Her New Foe The Trio Dock In A Land Rife With Wealth And Strength, The Place Where Geats And Sveads Come Together But Not Everything Is How It Appears True Power Creeps In The Shadows And Hides Behind Smiles Deirdre Puts Her Life On The Line To Win Favor For The Norsemen, But Things Are Quickly Spinning Out Of Her Grasp Her Mind Is Stretched Toward Her God, While Her Body Is Tugged Toward Another Suitor Can Deirdre Survive While Everything Slips Away The Deirdre Series Is A Full Romance With Each Installation Serving As A Steamy, Action Packed Episode, Plotting Deirdre S Path To Love Adult Themes Are Present Including Violence, Death, And Explicit Sex.

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    Deirdre takes a fateful stepDeirdre is an enthralling character She is a thrall, a Nordic term meaning a slave, hidden in the middle of enthralling But she is also struggling to accept her power Following her harrowing journey is a voyage of self discovery.

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