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Step summary Step , series Step , book Step , pdf Step , Step ccbf7e0188 There Must Be Something Wrong With Me, The Way I Feel, It S Not Normal I Shouldn T Want Her The Way I Do Not Like That Not The Way I Imagine It The Devil Has Got Inside Me And I Need To Drive Him Out After Catching His Wayward Step, Lola, In A Compromising Position, Deeply Repressed David Tries To Force Out The Devil He Believes Has Possessed Her, By Disciplining Her With His Slipper When All That This Does Is Have The Reverse Effect, Exciting His Own Barely Concealed Urges Even Further, He Decides A Much Stronger Treatment Is In Order, And Puts The Mischievous Eighteen Year Old To Work In A Voluntary Capacity, Hoping The Charity Will Be Good For Her Soul Despite The Repeated Warnings, Lola Still Refuses To Behave, So He Punishes Her Again In The Only Way He Knows How This Time, However, The Temptation Of His Step S Flesh Is Far Too Much, And His Desires Finally Overtake Him Much To Lola S Submissive Delight, He Finally Bows To His Own Devil, And Finds It In Himself To Corrupt Her Step Out Of Control Is A Stand Alone Romance Novella With Adult Themes And Strong Sexual Content.

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