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Loving A Star - The Complete Series quotes Loving A Star - The Complete Series , litcharts Loving A Star - The Complete Series , symbolism Loving A Star - The Complete Series , summary shmoop Loving A Star - The Complete Series , Loving A Star - The Complete Series d72eebea SAVE % For A Limited Time Only Get ALL Books Of The Loving A Star Series For Just PLEASE NOTE That Loving A Star Contains Intense Sexual And Erotic Scenes, As Well As Some Kinky Vulgar Language Thrown In, That Should Be Enjoyed By A Mature Audience Sometimes The Best Thing For Your Body Is Not The Best Thing For Your Heart Loving A Star Book Olivia, A Recent College Graduate, Is Having A Hard Time With The Job Market When Her Friend Persuades Her To Work For An Athletic Department As A Chaperone For Football Players Their Job Entails Things Like Grocery Shopping, Buying Clothes, Designated Driving, Etc The Pay Is Good, But There Is A Dark Side Not Listed In The Job DescriptionAre We Supposed To Have Sex With These Guys I Muttered To My Friend Rachel, Who Had Turned Me On To This Job Rachel Giggled I Think It Is Sort Of A Don T Ask, Don T Tell Policy We Are Definitely Not Required To, But It Is Most Certainly Not Frowned Upon Anything To Make Them Feel Like Royalty, I SupposeShortly After Feelings Develop For Latrelle McKay, Star Quarterback And Heisman Favorite, Life Changes Dramatically For Olivia His Popularity Conflicts With Her Introverted Ways And His Immaturity Dispels Her Sanity Every Time He Does Not Call But, Oh My, Is The Sex Good Loving A Star Book We Pick Up Right Where We Left Off, In The Heat Of Turmoil Latrelle And Olivia S Relationship Is Spiraling Down Faster Than His Public Perception Stealing Shoes Is Not The Last Of His Negative Media Attention Olivia S Man Problems Are Not The Only Thing Keeping Her Awake At Night Now, She Has Her Job At Stake, Feeling Like She Failed The Promise Made To Coach Bub To Keep Latrelle Out Of Trouble A Relationship With Another Woman Is Bad Enough, But When Olivia Finds Out That His Mistress Is Carrying A Child It Is Too Much To Bare Is This Just Some Star Struck Girl, Leaching Onto Latrelle S Fame Are Her Accusations True Loving A Star Book Latrelle Is The Next Big Thing To Come To The NFL Great Initial Success Leaves Him As A Front Runner For The Rookie Of The Year Honor But, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Old Habits Are Hard To Break Olivia Is Finding A Confidence In Her Body That She Had Never Had Before She Lets Latrelle Do Things That She Has Never Dreamed Of, In Bed The Results The Best Sex She Has Ever Had An Old Flame Finds His Way Back Onto Olivia S Mind, And She Is Faced With A Decision Does True Love Conquer All This Steamy Series Has Passionate Scenes That Include Interracial Love, Big Black Cocks, Makeup Sex, Jacuzzi Sex, Sex In A Locker Room, Passionate And Physically Strong Male Partner, Simultaneous Orgasms, And Mind Bending Girth Romantic Intercourse Under The Sunset, Ing And Much

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    Book one Olivia has a college degree but no job to go with it Her friend Rachel talks her into taking a job with the athletic department of the college She is to be a mentor and all around go to girl for the new incoming quarterback The two of them start off talking on the phone and getting to know one another But then things get serious Latrelle and Olivia have an exclusive relationship but keep things quiet Then he calls less and less When she confronts him about photos of him and other girls, things go down hill He stops calling her and she just accepts it lays lowuntil he calls to tell her he got caught stealing She accepts him back with no issueuntil the news reports a woman has come forth saying she is four months pregnant with his childnow what How will this affect their relationship Book two Olivia now has to deal with Latrelle being accused of being the father to another woman s child Even though he promises her that he isn t, she doesn t think she can trust him When evidence shows text messages between Latrelle this woman she feels totally broken She leaves the court room and doesn t speak to him or answer any of his calls When he finally gets her to talk to him, she falls for his story Now the two are together again waiting for the NFL draft Where will the two be moving who will he be playing for Or will the two part ways after everything they have been through Book three Olivia is in Florida with Latrelle, thinking things are going to be great When the rumor that he will become rookie of the year comes up, he starts to spend time out partying When she sees proof on tv that he is messing with other girls, she decides she had had enough Unfortunately, he can sweet talk her into believing his lies But will things we different this time Will she finally realize that a relationship built on sex isn t going to last Will she have the nerve to finally walk away or will he convince her to stay

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    Wow Left me wanting but a good read non the less glad she got out before it hand gone to far

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