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    I have a theory, and India Knight clearly shares it, that dogs make us better people I m a dog owner I ve had a dog for 10 years and would never now be without one for long There are few bigger fans of dogs than I And yet even I fall into the trap of taking my dog for granted Of not giving her the time and attention she needs Of treating her as a bit of a nuisance And this book reminds me not to do that It reminds me of how wonderful she is, and how patient and kind, of how much she loves and wants to please me The Goodness of Dogs struck so many chords with me And I m sure it will with most dog owners I particularly liked the bit about dog haters There are people out there, odd people I admit, who don t like dogs Now that s fair enough, but having an attack of the vapours just because one comes near you just isn t on India, in her lovely bossy, head girl style, takes the Nervous Nellies on and shuts them up This is a great book to give someone thinking of ge...

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    I didn t get on with this This appears to be written by a loopy dog person for other loopy dog people It s not objective It s not scientific It s very cult y in its approach and heaven help you if you re ambivalent or not fond of dogs It reminded me rather starkly why I typically avoided dog parks and dog meetups with my Golden obsessive dog people can be so tedious and, frankly, a bit bizarre.The I m so with it and relatable tone is grating and unprofessional This is the first dog guide I ve ever encountered that has profanity within There is some highly questionable advice in this and I strongly urge dog owners to seek a professional opinion of a veterinarian or an animal behaviourist if they need advice or help Talk to your breeder Talk to the Dogs Trust RSPCA Talk to your vet Attend puppy school Take this book with a grain of salt What credentia...

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    Loved this, helped me to decide to get a puppy

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    A down to Earth, easy to read book about dogs Lots of information without being too technical, interspersed with funny stories and useful tips Recommend it if you re thinking about getting a dog.

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    There are a multitude of books out there about dogs how to choose a dog, how to care for a dog, how to train a dog, but none of them are quite like The Goodness of Dogs This is a charming, friendly, informal guide that reads like a friend sitting across the kitchen table with a cup of tea Knight loves dogs, that is clear to see, and her love oozes from each page in a way that made me laugh and smile and, admittedly, cry There were certain facts that made me raise an eyebrow regarding their actual truth, most notably in the section on pedigree dogs in chapter two The author included Dobermanns when talking about scent hounds p.48 and said Dalmatians are classed in the companion dog group, along with Pugs and Toy Poodles p.52 Surely a quick google or even an editor should have corrected that But otherwise, this is a truly charming book that I really enjoyed reading For all her love of dogs and her joy at dog ownership, Knight is also refreshingly frank about the health issues faced by pedigree dogs and the problems of breeding for appearance ...

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    I have read a gazillion books on dogs and this has been the best so far it s witty and funny and informative and no holds barred it s brutally honest about what is kind and what is not when it comes to dog ownership and I loved it for that It has also led me on to a whole new pi...

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    The is the what to expect when you are expecting of the dog world Highly recommend for puppy owners to be

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    A dogged great readThe sainted India has written an amazing read on how hounds improve your life Buy it if you are thinking of adding a doggy friend.

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