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The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) summary The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) , series The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) , book The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) , pdf The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) , The Pinnacle of Power (The Keeper of the Balance #1) 48e5b396f2 In Planet Akaladia, Nothing Is What It Seems Borders Between Countries And Nations Have Been Completely Erased, And War Is Nothing But A Painful Memory Of A Distant Past That No One Wishes To Remember Alas, When An Ill Fated Omen Foretells The Imminent Destruction Of The Secret Society Of The Selected, Akaladia S Masters Will Stop At Nothing, Not Only To Remain In Power But To Secure Their Very Survival.In A World Were All Things Magical And Spiritual Are Nothing But Absurd Superstitions In The Minds Of The People, Only Magic And Spirituality Shall Stand Between The Selected And Their Final Goal Stripping The People Of Akaladia Of The Most Precious And Valuable Thing That A Human Being Can Possess, The Soul.Thirteen Is The Number Of People Who Can Stop The Selected From Accomplishing Their Goal And Only One Of Them Is Aware Of This.Amidst Secret Conspiracies, Fake Identities, Betrayals, Alliances And Deals Made Behind Closed Doors, The Fate Of Universal Balance Shall Hang On A Limb When The Winds Of War Blow Again Across Akaladia, For The First Time In A Thousand Years Only The Greatest Source Of Knowledge Known To Man Shall Be Able To Determine The Conflict S Final Outcome The Pinnacle Of Power.

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    I have to say I enjoyed every moment reading this book In just about every other book I ve read, the opposing faction isn t given enough screen time Well, here they re given plenty of screen time and it really helps to create a living breathing world.I m a romantic who always dreamed that I could help change the world for the better This is why this book speaks to my heart and soul A lot of what goes on in it I can personally relate to, which tells ...

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    This book introduces you to a world filled with dirty politics and a magic system that s remarkably spiritual The characters are easy to relate to and likeable, for the most part I was fascinated, intrigued, and itching to read the next book as soon as I ended the first.

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    Is anybody good Ever That s what I found myself asking while reading this book full of richly crafter characters that are mostly evil The world of Akaladia is harsh The rulers or selected control everything with an iron fist This includes the intangible world that most of the lower classes don t even know about They protect their power and their wealth by keeping the unseen world secret at all costs They will do anything to keep that secret Amidst all of this evil, we have our hero and our heroine Earlyann and Keriel provide the breath of fresh air They are both young and strive for the same thing Freedom Keriel seeks the freedom to live, laugh, and love that isn t available to the upper class, only the commoners Earlyann seeks freedom from ridicule At his center, he really just wants to have a purpose and to be worth something These two are the heart of the story and I couldn t help but fall in love with them The crazy thing is that there storylines never even cross yet I m looking forward to future books where these two could possibly have their purposes intertwine The reason this wasn t a straight five stars for me is the o...

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    There is no secret when you pick up Barberi s novel that you are about to enter a new world that offers the best of epic fantasy and science fiction How extensive that world is, is the surprise at the bottom of the box.Warning This is not a novel that a reader can skim through You will need to take the time to enjoy every word to make the most of the experience It s a slow start, but don t let that throw you off or you ll miss out on a complex world of magic, politics, war, spiritualism and corruption.The author s world hinges on a unique class system with the highest level holding the balance of power over the rest of the masses That sets up the perfect setting for underdog heroes to emerge and challenge This is the first book in a series that leaves you wanting to read the next book to find out what happens.Barberi s words will make you question morals...

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    The world of Akaladia is an extremely rich one, the complexity and depth in this book allow a clear insight into an intriguing system and rules This is a book to read slowly, to consider as you go through the journey with the characters It allows snapshots over periods across the characters live...

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