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Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) explained Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) , review Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) , trailer Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) , box office Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) , analysis Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) , Suffrajitsu (Issue 2) bc82 London, 1914 With Europe On The Brink Of War, The Leaders Of The Radical Women S Rights Movement Are Fugitives From The Law Their Last Line Of Defence Is The Elite Secret Society Of S Women Trained In The Martial Art Of Bartitsu And Sworn To Protect Their Leaders From Arrest And Assault.In Book 2 Of The Suffrajitsu Trilogy, The S Embark On A Daring Rescue Mission In The Austrian Alps.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Suffrajitsu (Issue 2)
  • Tony Wolf
  • English
  • 26 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Suffrajitsu (Issue 2)

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    I thought the first in this series was a good start, but this second issue didn t deliver much to follow up I was hoping for development for the secondary characters, but I can barely keep them straight While reading, I have no idea who is who, why they are part of Mrs Pankhurst s s, or what any of them is really like One is a cross dresser no reason why, she just is They could be anybody and it wouldn t matter as far as the story is concerned I would have liked to see depth to these women.Also, I m not impressed with the turn the story took That s just me, I realize, but I was expecting a straight forward story about women actually fighting for the vote This deviates into a fantastical plot, and while that s not a bad thing, it s not really what I m interested in.

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    The plot thickens in Issue 2, as Persi and her fellow s work to get to the bottom of a espionage mystery that may hold the future of early 20th century Europe in its balance As with the first issue, I found this one fun with engaging characters set against the real life struggle for women to gain the right to vote in the UK.

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    This second issue of the Suffrajitsu Kindle serial was a quick read, but just as riveting as the first one In this one, the company of suffragettes journeyed to the Austrian Alps to save one of their own, who fell into the hands of a creepy cult I m wondering how this will all wrap up in the third issue.

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    Interesting transition to the fantastic aspects of the story.

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    Enjoyable read.

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    Set in an unusual time and era for a bunch of female asskickers, I loved it nonetheless.

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