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Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) summary Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) , series Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) , book Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) , pdf Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) , Unwilling Dragon Love (Dragon Hearts, #5) 5c1acb96cb Jason Foreman Spent The Last Several Months Dancing Around The Strange Relationship He Has With Dragon Warrior Kraigan Snow First He Can T Stand Kraigan, His Threats Or Attitude, But Then Jason Loves Nothing Better Than To Tease The Man And Stay Close After Kraigan Saves Jason S Life, He S Started To Look At Kraigan In A Whole New Light, And The Way Kraigan Kissed Him Isn T Helping His Growing FantasiesKraigan Wasn T Sure When It Happened, This Feeling He Has For The Annoying Human That Built Into Lust, But Now He Wants Jason, Desperately When Jason Finally Gives In, Kraigan S Feelings, The Ones He D Buried So Deeply He D Forgotten They Existed, Grow So Quickly That He Pushes Jason AwayBut It S Too Late He Loves Jason, That Bratty Human With The Smart Mouth, And He Might Be Too Late To Confess It To The Man After Jason Is Attacked By A Radical Who Wants Humans And Dragons To Stay Separate Forever

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    Jason and Kraigan s story has been brewing for a while, so I was relieved to see them finally get their due and a volume dedicated to their somewhat tumultuous relationship They have battled it out in theory so far, and in this book the fight for each other s affection gets physical It s very, very hot, and only the beginning of a whole different set of woes But there is even to the two of them being able to figure out what s what the radical dragons who are against humans intermingling with them have by no means given up.Jason is Adam s best friend, and has been accompanying him since book one He has a harder time adapting to living with the dragons without a warrior mate to look after him he has to work like all the other humans He has no filter between his brain and his mouth, so he ends up in enough trouble for two men on a regular basis It s a good thing he is liked so well at last by humans But when his and Kraigan s lives are threatened and they have to depend on each other yet again, the true nature of their relationship or at least its potential becomes quite clear I loved watching Jason and Kraigan dealing with the fallout of their volatile tempers Kraigan starts out completely disliking humans back in book one Over time, however, he seems to soften somewhat, and even though he doesn t admit it initially, he begins to fall for one of them in particular not that he is ready to admit it When he goes to Adam for advice on wooing humans I had to laugh, yet thought it was very cute of Kraigan to expose himself like that Jason is a handful, though, so even though Kraigan begins to succeed, he shies away again until events force him to confront his true feelings once and for all And what a showdown that ends up being If you like stories about men who begin on opposite sides of a confrontation only to learn they have far in common than they d ever thought, if you believe a warrior dragon and a human brat can figure out how to live together, and if you believe that love is stronger than stubborn resistance to emotions, then you will probably like this novella.NOTE This book was provided by Siren Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    I was really excited to read this book and I bought it as soon as it was published I couldn t wait to read Jason and Kraigan s story I liked their love hate relationship, the bickering and the teasing.They were completely different characters but really funny together.I basically read the second and the third book of the series just to follow their relationship I can t help but feel a little bit disappointed with this one The fact that their relationship started in the previous books of the series bugged me Their scenes in the others books were interesting than the scenes in this one.There wasn t any development in the book expect towards the end The first part of the book is quite repetitive, view spoiler with the characters just being sex friends, hide spoiler

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    This book is part of a series and should be read in order.Jason and Kraigan story has been ongoing since the start of the series Finally they have their own book, and of course things to not go easy for these two They seriously love to antagonize each other Or so it all seems at the start and from what the other books have revealed Finally this gives the full story from both their sides.Kraigan does not know at the start how he really feels about Jason He believes he has little emotions and he also does not understand why Jason makes him start to feel He also has always hated humans before But there is something that draws him to Jason.Jason is pretty much in the same boat as Kraigan He gets the physical attraction but why he can t work Kraigan out of his system Both feel the need to be together again and again.These two are hilarious at times with their arguing and banter Jason gets so defensive and he is such a smart ass Kraigan has a little issue with being too literal and a slight issue with foot in mouth syndrome But their real issue is that they have a hard time actually talking to each other.This book was both funny and hot These two men really push each other s buttons in all the right ways I am glad they finally got their acts together.These two are definitely my favorites from the series so far The bickering, the hot sex, the wise ass answers All of it hit me as just right for this book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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    Was waiting five books in really worth it for this couple Ehhhhh This was an okay book but really I think the teasing banter of the couple and Kraigan s funny cluelessness to being in a real relationship is what saved it from being boring I still think all of the other stuff about them in the previous books would ve been better if they were included in this book because really nothing much happened here until the very end With how much interlacing of other people s relationships go on in this series it might even be better if each book had not been advertised as being completely about one specific couple Maybe it would ve been better if this series flowed like the Game of Thrones books, where you see the stories of many characters in one book and the focus is on the overall big plots going on in the world and not really just on one couple Because that s a little how this series has felt so far except you know, not nearly as cohesive or interesting Oh well It was an okay book only saved because Kraigan and Jason are funny characters I think I know who Tatsu will be paired with so let s see how his whole schtick plays out.Edit Forget Tatsu Jason and Kraigan again for the 6th book Please please please be good.

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    I was waiting to read Jason and Kraigan s story and it left me wanting.Wanting to know how Kraigan broke his leg, what attacked them in The Half Blood Dragon, how they got away, why does Jason say he saved Kraigan s life, how they got back to the nest in Allow Me to Serve You and what s the story with Tatsu and Kraigan What I got was a glossed over account of some of the events If a prologue had been used to describe the events after Jason s kidnapping I feel it would have provided a better setup for thier story.If you can ignore the skimpy backstory then the story of Jason and Kraigan s relationship is well played out It shows there is still trouble in the nest and I can t see what is coming next.I think I expected too much so it gets a low score.

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    I m bummed I was really looking forward to Jason and Kraigon s story I missed all the fighting and bickering However, I did love when Kraigon was sweet and caring, but I still missed them.

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