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Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) summary Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) , series Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) , book Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) , pdf Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) , Allow Me to Serve You (Dragon Hearts, #4) e7cac5cde7 Lord Dravick Grey Is The Dragon King Of His Nest, And Desperately In Love With The Human Servant Who Fills His Wine Goblets During Dinner Aaron Is A Favorite, And Though He Cannot Make It Known To Anyone, Even The Man Himself, That Does Not Stop Him From Secretly Meeting Him Again And Again In His Bed Chambers For Nights Of Pleasure.Though Dravick Would Love Nothing Than To Make His Love For The Man Known, Recent Attacks And Traitors Within His Nest Make That Impossible If He Were To Announce His Love For A Human, The Dragons Under His Command Would Rise Up, And They Would Take Their Anger Out On Aaron.He Might Be Too Late, However Someone Has Learned The Truth And Has Gone After Aaron In A Bid To Make Him Suffer For The Crime Of Being With The King, And Dravick Will Make Them Suffer For It In Return

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    After quite a few of the dragon warriors in this world, apparently called Gaia, have already found human mates, I was fascinated to learn, at the end of the previous book, that apparently King Dravick himself is than casually interested in a human servant by the name of Aaron Now, you d think that, being the king, he can do whatever he wants, but not so amongst the dragons The prejudice against humans, and against those interested in humans as mates, is strong enough that even the king has to be careful Not because anyone would harm him, although even that seems possible, but because the human haters might retaliate against the human member of the couple In a tale full of the discoveries of finally admitted love, emerging anger on the part of the haters, and a gruesome attack on Aaron, the king s chosen mate, this is the story of King Dravick and Aaron learning that hiding their love is not the solution.Dravick may have ascended the throne because he killed his tyrant of an uncle, but he seems to be...

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