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Hucow Fun Farm chapter 1 Hucow Fun Farm , meaning Hucow Fun Farm , genre Hucow Fun Farm , book cover Hucow Fun Farm , flies Hucow Fun Farm , Hucow Fun Farm c70653e7b154c Teffany Is The Newest Employee At Hucow Fun Farm But She Is Not Going To Be Working In The Office As She Initially Assumed She Is Going To Be The Newest Hucow For All Of The Men Ready For Their Daily Nourishment Of Creamy Milk.Over 4,000 Words In This Taboo EBook Involving Hucow Milking And Graphic Sex.Adults Only 18

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    My first read by this author And another hucow story which has the contradiction of evidence of a certain amount of smarts, with stupidity This time, at least, reason was given Though I still don t know what the fascination is to say someone is both intelligent and stupid, but whatever The star of this specific story has massive student loans from collage Can t find work Then, somewhat randomly, gets a job at a place that calls itself Hucow fun farm And is given pills that have had the name marked out by black marker Though she can see something like lactation hormones when she held the bottle up to the light All that I mentioned occurred before the story started Graduating college, looking for work, getting work, being given pills to take two times a day, etc Even though the stupidity is indirectly explained she s finding her intelligence lowering as the days pass and she takes the pills, the stupidity involved in taking pil...

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    She needed money so she says yes to a job offer and a farm.It turns out to be a special farm.Thanks to the pills she has been taken she gets into her transformation and because of that all she can do is loving the attention she gets from the men visiting the farm.

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    Moooooo This is a fun read i loved the idea of the story and how its sexy and fun This is a fun, sexy, quick read for entertainment Husbands will eat this up I will be getting the rest of the books from her What a find ,

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    Interesting ideaAlthough I m aware that lactating women are a fetish for some people, I felt like the idea behind this story was a little strange Mostly I had to wrap my mind around the idea that there could be pills that not only make a woman produce milk, but also that those pills would make her docile and prevent her from saying anything other than moo While this story is not as bizarre as a Chuck Ti...

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    it was in my recommendations.I had no idea what it was, after learning what hucow means, not my cup of tea erotic fiction, focused on lactation, treating woman like cattle some people might like it, but for me it was kind of stupid and made me feel uneasy definitely wouldn t read another like it.

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    sexy this whole series of stories are hilarious ms cooper, your sense of humor is causing me to lose sleep I can t get over how you are spoofing the reading public hats off to you.

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    Interestingly Hot Teffany starts a new job at a dairy she thought that she would be working in a office not in the barn But once she discovers the fun that can be had she enthusiastically does her job well.

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    I think I readThis short start to a series before I didn t need to read it again The topic is interesting but I m pretty sure this isn t for me.

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    Bit Confusing I liked it ok I was a bit confused about some parts but other wise it was an enjoyable read.

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