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Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) summary Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) , series Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) , book Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) , pdf Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) , Beware the Dragons (Dragon Hearts, #2) a3b998fc03 Adam Rivers Is Still Getting Used To Life As Being The Only Human Mated To A Dragon In An Enemy Nest His Lover, Dragon Warrior Novik Grey, Is Always Accommodating, Even If There Are Others Who Want To See Adam Gone.After Novik Rescues A Friend Of Adam S, Tension In The Nest Rises, And The Humans Are Considering Going To War Against The Dragons This Is Enough To Cause A Lot Of Stress And Anxiety Throughout The Dragons, And Adam Doesn T Want To Complain, Even When A Few People Come A Little Too Close, Sound A Little Too Threatening Adam Wants To Take Some Of The Load Off Of Novik S Shoulders By Handling This Himself, By Proving That He Doesn T Always Have To Rely On Novik To Save Him.When The Dragons Get Together And Form A Plot To Get Adam Out Of The Nest, Without His Or Novik S Permission, Adam Might Just Be A Little In Over His Head.

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    This second book in the Dragon Hearts series gives a closer look at the dragon society, as well as the fate of the humans living with them, rather than in their own village The events begin right where the first book ended, and you should definitely read that one first, or you ll miss all the background and things mentioned in this review will be spoilers One thing I really liked was the fact Norvik, the head dragon warrior, and Adam, the human he rescued, are the main characters in this volume as well Their relationship is still pretty new, and I enjoyed seeing them grow together At the same time, Adam s best friend Jason, who was rescued with him, gets a few spots in the limelight, and it was good to see things from his perspective I look forward to seeing Adam has come far since Norvik rescued him, but he is still struggling with the idea of being the mate of a powerful warrior It means that, essentially, he is not allowed to do anything, and that bothers him He does not want to be the woman in the relationship, but it doesn t look as though he is getting a choice When Adam gets harassed by a few dragons and one particular guy seems to have it in for him, Adam tries to deal with it on his ow...

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    Anatomical consistency, one of the things I thought I wouldn t need to ever complain about If in the first book you make a rather large deal a whole conversation of a page or two about certain parts of the anat...

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    Adam and Novik s story continues Bring on the next book.

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    Why am I still reading this

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    Puts on my ranting panties I was so mad that we got of Novik and Adam, especially since nothing really happened with them until the very end The big and interesting action that happened in this book involved Kraigan and Jason Which is why I really hate this author s tendency to have another couples story playing out in the background of whichever main couple the book is about Because that background story tends to be a lot interesting but she holds it off until several books into the series Meanwhile the main couples of each book just talk and fuck in between us hearing about that couple in the background This was exactly how I felt about Kendrick Roman Clatcher in her Of Dragons and Wolves series I wished that their entire story had been in one complete book because having them in the background took the attention off of the main couple the book was supposed to be about.Also view spoiler Is it or is it not difficult to deep throat a dragon shifter s penis In the first book Novik explains that the practice is rarely done and damn near impossible because it s extremely uncomfortable for both the giver and the receiver Yet in this book Adam seems to have no problem doing it If he had a rare talent for it due to lots of practice and the uncanny ability to relax his jaw like a snake, then that should have been explained But instead it was just like...

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    3.5 HeartsAt the start of the book Adam and his friend Jason are waiting for the return of Novik and some other dragons who went to the village to rescue Athy When they get back everyone is happy for a time At least until it is learned that the villagers are getting riled up to attack the dragons.Now both dragons and the human servants are treating Adam and his friends like they have the plague.The relationship between Adam and Novik has continued to strengthen However the story was not all about them There are also looks into other characters like Jason and Kraigan, and Blue and Lighting These lead me to hope that they will have their own stories in the series.Although this book was not as enjoyable as the first for me, I think it was also a way of preparing for the rest of the series It explores other characters and also seems to give a possible story arc of the issue with the human village and the difference of opinion the dragons have with each o...

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