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Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) chapter 1 Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) , meaning Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) , genre Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) , book cover Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) , flies Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) , Angel Dares (Benedicts, #5) 2327e53502859 Angel Is Impulsive Disguising Her Savant Ability To Control Water Doesn T Come Easily To Her Then She Meets The Broodingly Handsome Marcus At A Music Festival Where They Re Both Performing, And Finds Herself All At Sea For When He Sings, Her Soul Answers With Its Own Music Like The Tide, Their Mutual Attraction Cannot Be Held Back, But Marcus S Mistrust Of Angel S Gift Is Even Stronger How Can They Ever Be Together If Marcus Is Unable To Accept Who Angel Is Or What They Could Mean To Each Other And With The Net Closing In On The Savant Community It S Time For Everyone To Choose A Side A Stunning New Novel From The Best Selling Author Of The Savants Series Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix, Seeking Crystal And Misty Falls.

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