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Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) quotes Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) , litcharts Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) , symbolism Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) , summary shmoop Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) , Primal Hunger (Guardians #3) b1b07c6f Cursed Since The Day Of His Creation, Seth Has Struggled With His Identity While His Sanity Balances On A Razor S Edge, It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before He Succumbs To The Evil Inside Him When Realization Strikes That The Fiery Kaitlyn Belongs To Him, He Must Not Only Battle His Past But Fight His Desire To Claim Her Or Chance Killing Them Both Handed A Dagger As A Child, Kaitlyn O Hara Has Slaughtered Demons Her Entire Life It Should Come As No Surprise That She Is Also Destined To Save A Crazy Vampire When Fate Reveals Her True Identity, She Must Search Her Heart For The Courage To Move Forward Katie Holds The Key To Help Save Humanity With Seth S Dark Side Edging Closer, He Prays He Can Keep It Together Long Enough To Protect Her Through The Challenges She Must Face However, He Could Prove To Be Her Biggest Threat He Fights His Desire To Claim Her She Battles To Save Him Together They Wage War To Protect Humanity Who Will Survive

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