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    Insightful, well researched, critical investigation of almost two centuries of the negotiation and panic surrounding the legitimacy of the ethos of knowledge The author traces with great care and research how the rise of the research university, the Ph.D and specialization came to replace the written text as the source of knowledge The rise of method over collection detailed very well by the author is a wonderful specific instance of the arguments made by Foucault in such books as The Order of Things and The Archaeology of Knowledge The book ends with a very uncanny comparison of the state of the university and knowledge at the end of the 18th century and the start of the 21st century The research university rose to meet the challenge of the overwhelming amount of print material and the inability to evaluate all sources ...

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Organizing Enlightenment download Organizing Enlightenment , read online Organizing Enlightenment , kindle ebook Organizing Enlightenment , Organizing Enlightenment d95abfa69fba Since Its Inception, The Research University Has Been The Central Institution Of Knowledge In The West Today Its Intellectual Authority Is Being Challenged On Many Fronts, Above All By Radical Technological Change Organizing Enlightenment Tells The Story Of How The University Emerged In The Early Nineteenth Century At A Similarly Fraught Moment Of Cultural Anxiety About Revolutionary Technologies And Their Disruptive Effects On Established Institutions Of Knowledge.Drawing On The Histories Of Science, The University, And Print, As Well As Media Theory And Philosophy, Chad Wellmon Explains How The Research University And The Ethic Of Disciplinarity It Created Emerged As The Final And Most Lasting Technology Of The Enlightenment Organizing Enlightenment Reveals Higher Education S Story As One Not Only Of The Production Of Knowledge But Also Of The Formation Of A Particular Type Of Person The Disciplinary Self In Order To Survive, The University Would Have To Institutionalize A New Order Of Knowledge, One That Was Self Organizing, Internally Coherent, And Embodied In The Very Character Of The Modern, Critical Scholar.