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Fixed-Term Love pdf Fixed-Term Love , ebook Fixed-Term Love , epub Fixed-Term Love , doc Fixed-Term Love , e-pub Fixed-Term Love , Fixed-Term Love 506c8160dc0 Vanessa Simpkins Is A Hardworking Twenty Something With A Mountain Of Student Debt She S Doing Her Utmost To Make Ends Meet, But On Her Modest PA Salary, She S Fighting A Losing Battle And Wandering Around With Holes In The Underarms Of Her Clothes Is Quickly Getting Tiresome So When Her Boss, The Attractive And Super Rich Josh Eccles, Makes Her An Offer That Could Wipe Out Her Debt Once And For All, It S Too Good To Refuse The Playboy Tycoon Wants Vanessa To Play The Part Of His Girlfriend In An Attempt To Fool The World And His Mother Into Believing That He S Finally Settled Down But A Contract Is One Thing, And Vanessa S Heart Is Something Different Altogether For Vanessa, The Boundaries Of Professionalism Soon Become Blurred, And Soon She Finds Herself Wondering Can She Keep Their Business Agreement Purely Professional Or Could Their Make Believe Love Turn Into Something Real

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    The plot of Fixed Term Love isn t original a young woman gets propositioned by her boss to be his pretend girlfriend so he can get his family and the press off his back The situation if far too good for her to pass up, and they end up falling for each other.It didn t matter that I ve read stories with similar storylines, for once I started reading I was hooked We find our college graduate protagonist, Vanessa scraping by on the meager earnings of job as a publisher s assistant at a large publishing company She hasn t received a pay raise in all the years she s been employed at Hartwick When her manager refuses to give her a raise, she approaches the corporation s millionaire bachelor Joshua Eccles That s when the fun begins.Though Josh has Vanessa sign a contract, and he attempts to keep within the lines of their business agreement, he is immediately very flirty with her You can feel the heat.When Josh is made aware of the slight in Vanessa s salary, he not only rectifies it, he goes above and beyond it to pay off the massive debt she s incurred as a result of college loans Vanessa is wined, dined and dressed to the nines I loved taking this journey with her But though she is wooed, she remains aware of their boundaries and stays true to herself and refuses to not become reliant on Josh The PositiveThe writing style was enjoyable smart, lively and with just the right amount of humor It was a quick read Vanessa and Jos...

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    I have read all of Jo s books so far and this one shows how far she has come as an author albeit this is only her third novel Fixed Term Love is about a girl called Vanessa who is in debt and offered the chance to clear her money troubles by becoming the hired girlfriend of the very rich and famous Josh for 6 months Josh wants to get his mother off his back as he has been constantly pressured for years to settle down In having Vanessa around he thinks he ll be able to ease the pressure for a bit However, perhaps inevitably, they start to have feelings for one another Whilst there have been similar stories in the past poor girl meets rich prince Iles manages to inject lots of originality and excitement into the story I particularly enjoyed the beach party scene with a certain famous super model The story zips along and the writing style is fluid and smooth whilst capturing your attention throughout.I won t spoil things for others but ...

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    Jumping into Fixed Term Love was like greeting an old friend The book isn t part of a series so I hadn t met the characters before, but I just love Jo Iles writing style and found myself instantly lulled into the story.Having previously read Jessie Slaymaker s Non Existent Love Life sequel publishing on 9th December , I was familiar with Ms Iles work and had no qualms about starting something new from her The evening I decided to crack open the book, I was feeling a little under the weather so took a cup of tea to bed and planned on reading a few chapters before turning in early My plan went to pot as I did not could not put the book down until I reluctantly turned the last page some hours later.Character wise, Vanessa is highly readable She s funny, a little awkward and develops before your eyes, keeping the reader onside at all times Josh is, as you would expect, a lit...

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    Well written and edited with just a couple of issues This is a stand alone story with no cliffhanger Written in British English, the story contains a fair amount of British slang.This is a cute story about a boss employee relationship, which will be a surprise to most American readers, since it s not a secret and n...

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    Fixed Term love by Jo IIes reminds me of the movie how to lose a guy in ten days because of the love story The main character is Vanessa whom is a personal assistant If you struggle in the world her character is one that you will identify Vanessa has been working for a publishing agency for the past six years without a raise I was thinking to myself, been there done that, move on As you turn the pages Vanessa finally decided to ask her boss for a raise and the...

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    A good readEasy,fast,funny read..typical romance but enjoyed the easy flow of the text Enjoyed the fact they were not jumping in bed every 5 minutes.

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    This is a sweet and well paced read, rich in characters that are likeable and believable and that s really the strength of any romance novel Unanswered questions about sexual harassment law and the pros and cons of stirring risotto aside, this is a great book

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