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The Christian and the Vampire explained The Christian and the Vampire , review The Christian and the Vampire , trailer The Christian and the Vampire , box office The Christian and the Vampire , analysis The Christian and the Vampire , The Christian and the Vampire 6e83 What Happens One Sultry Summer Night When A Christian And A Vampire Meet On A Fire Escape And Agree To Engage In A Cordial Conversation A Touch Of Hilarity, Plus Eye Popping And Undead Heart Starting Revelation, As Vampire Myth And Legend Give Way To Greater Truth Think Anne Rice Meets Frank Peretti Excerpt Oh, I M Just In The Mood For Some Good Conversation Cordial Conversation, I Assure You The Shadows Twisted And I Thought He Turned Toward Me What Do You Say, Taz I Can Always Agree To A Cordial Conversation Ah Good I Saw That Flash Of White Again And The Faint Outline Of A Sharp Jaw His Voice Was Young And Cultured, And I Guessed His Age At About Thirty, But But His Elegant Manner Belied That Relatively Youthful Age Something Distinctly Mature Emanated From Him, And I Warned Myself Not To Base My Estimation Of His Age On His Appearance I Watched You Work Down In The Glades Tonight, He Murmured, And I Confess I Am Somewhat Curious About You Taz He Paused Before Adding, Casually, Dear Me This Rusty Old Fire Escape Doesn T Lend Itself Much To Comfort Or Civility, Does It Might We Be At Our Ease Inside You Want Me To Invite A Vampire Into My Home I Waggled My Eyebrows And Just Looked At Him Like, Really He Giggled Low In His Throat, Tickled That I D Found Him Out So Quickly But Surely You Re Not Afraid I Shrugged Not Afraid Just Not Stupid He Spread His Hands Again, A Self Deprecating Gesture It Was Just A Cordial Suggestion, Taz Well, Could I Offer You Something To Drink I Smiled This Time In The Spirit Of Cordiality, Of Course It Was Quite Interesting How His Eyes Flared Red I Hadn T Been 100 Percent Certain Where They Were Until They Did Annnnnd Apparently I D Ticked Him Off Other Books By Vikki Kestell Nanostealth Book 1 Stealthy Steps, FREE EBook Book 2 Stealth Power Book 3 Stealth Retribution A Prairie Heritage Book 1 A Rose Blooms Twice, FREE EBook Book 2 Wild Heart On The Prairie Book 3 Joy On This Mountain Book 4 The Captive Within Book 5 Stolen Book 6 Lost Are Found Book 7 All God S Promises Book 8 The Heart Of Joy A Short Story Vikki Writes The Kind Of Faith Filled Fiction That Hooks You Within The First Few Pages, Will Not Let You Go Until You Have Finished, And Leaves You Wishing ForJanis Braun, Seattle, Washington Her Books Are Not Just For Chicks I Was Amazed How Engrossed I Became In The Lives Of Vikki S Characters, And How Much I Could Relate To Their SituationsEd Dunne, Los Angeles Be Prepared To Put Life On Hold That S All I Have To SayRebecca H.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 145 pages
  • The Christian and the Vampire
  • Vikki Kestell
  • 25 June 2018

10 thoughts on “The Christian and the Vampire

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    This is the second time I have read The Christian and the Vampire and I did this for 2 reasons One, I did not write a review of this when I read it in December 2014, and two, it is worth reading again purely for the way the story is structured to allow the many bible references and their explanation to move the story along and show the power of the Word and how it defeats all claims that being a follower of Satan in this case, as a vampire is attractive and beneficial than being a follower of Christ This is the third Christian story involving the question, Can a vampire be saved redeemed The first one I read was Blood for Blood by Ben Wolfe and the second was Devil s Pathway DAWN Warriors of Valor Book 1 by Vicki V Lucas I do have another waiting to be read All these three authors share the same premise that indeed they can be redeemed, and I would also say the same for werewolves The latter has been dealt with in this same vein by William Woodall, in his The Last Werewolf Hunter The Complete Series Kestell has constructed this short very well with the placement of the bible verses that portray what the bible says about redemption, salvation, Christ s victory over sin and death, Satan s judgement, penalty of sin, consequences of refusing Christ s gift of salvation in relation to Lambros being a vampire Very cle...

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    Nook edition is only 35 pages The version i ReadIF you love a religious debate then this book is for you Its like the author of this book is totally mindset on Vampires being of the devil just like how some Christians are mindset on Harry potter Mind you im a big fan of Harry Potter a Christian being of sorcery with all it is just entertainment and im just gonna leave it at that But as i was reading thru it it reminded me of a religious debate between a Mormon a Christian As i continued to read thru all i see is just anger building and building between the two I was glad this was just a short story and it was really a waste of my time don t think i will be reading any books by this author my first and my very last one If i could i would give it 0 stars but since i couldn t i gave it 1 star for my reasonings above Many others seemed to enjoy this book thats great and all but i just down right hated it Well for o...

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    I really enjoyed reading this story My only issue the constant footnotes for scriptural references were slightly distracting and repetitive since Taz was usually quoting them verbatim, but I found myself clicking on them every time anyway.This is a well thought out tale with a cl...

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    Gonna be honest, I found this book when I was stalking Vikki Kestell s page because THE FOURTH NANOSTEALTH BOOK COMES OUT ON JUNE 2nd and I m super excited, in case you couldn t tell This was an interesting presentation of the gospel Alth...

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    This really is a short storyWarning this is truly a short story Four chapters and it s done The rest are ads for the Nanostealth series and excerpts of other books.That being said This was an excellent short ...

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    Always a great read from this author I recommend this short story.It reminds me of so many things people say who are into new age beliefs, Goths , vampires , atheists etc etc always say and how Christians can respond.

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    Wow A street evangelist has a vampire hop onto his fire escape for a talk A very, very interesting conversation ensues with a surprising end.

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    A fun conceptual discourse to penetrateI love the concept It reads True A great deal of scripture is shared Any human can be recreated in righteousness It s a fun tale.

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    The Christian and The Vampire.What happens when a Christian has a conversation with a Vampire Wonderful, amazing things happen, because of their conversation Taz is amazing and I hope Ms Kestell will write books with him as the main character Taz knows how to use his spidey senses discernment and his lightsaber The bible to battle the dark forces He is determined to save a soul from hell Go, Taz, go and use those spidey se...

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    More than anything, I d say this is a Christian apologetic clothed in speculative elements The vampire was likable and the bits of speculative lore were interesting, but the focus was really on arguing if Jesus can save vampires I didn t think it was a bad read, as long a...

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