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Weirdworld chapter 1 Weirdworld , meaning Weirdworld , genre Weirdworld , book cover Weirdworld , flies Weirdworld , Weirdworld 7df75aa728375 Welcome To Weirdworld, A Land Of Legend And Lore Meet Tyndall, A Lost Elf On A Dangerous Quest A Quest To The Heart Of Evil And Beyond One That Will Unite Him With The Beautiful Velanna, And Forge An Alliance For The Ages Together With Grumpy Dwarf Mud Butt , These Warriors Of The Shadow Realm Will Brave The City Of Seven Dark Delights, Face The Fallen God Darklens, And Meet The Dragonmaster Of Klarn But Will They Ever Fi Nd Their Way Home Collecting Marvel Premier , Material From Marvel Super Action , Marvel Fanfare , Marvel Super Special , Epic Illustrated ,

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