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    Pierre Reverdy reclusive Cubist poet and war veteran of the same era as his friend Pablo Picasso, went to live late in life up in a mountain monastery to continue writing until his death in 1960 This is the second volume I have read by him and with each page I become impressed with the all consuming atmosphere and imagery he composes you must try him if you are a fan of some better known poets like Jorge Luis Borges, Samuel Becket Italo Calvino, and here s the odd one out, Frank O Hara, who wrote the line My heart is in my pocket, it is Poems by Pierre Reverdy Novelist Paul Auster described his poetry as if The poet seems to evaporate, to vanish into the haunted country he has createdas if Reverdy had emptied the space of the poem in order to let the reader inhabit it This is the best summation I ve heard yet of what it feels like to embark on a journey into Reverdy s collected works, and it truly does feel like a journey It feels like Reverdy is an omniscient ...

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    For me, the most intriguing, mesmerizing French poet, of the ones I am familiar with, of the 20th century For the number of poems offered in this selection I give the volume an easy 5 stars.The problem is Mary Ann Caws, who is got to be one of the sloppiest, ugliest translators around Unfortunately at present you ve got to deal with her if you want to look at most any English translation of French poetry from the early 20th century Someone admires her though, she s also the editor of the Yale anthology of 20th century French poetry My guess is her admirers know no French Luckily I m semi fluent so I can move back and forth between the original and the translation The fact that some people s introduction to this truly unique poet will be through these truly awful translations really bothers me.Reverdy s poems are precise, cool and yet extraordinarily vague He s conside...

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Pierre Reverdy download Pierre Reverdy , read online Pierre Reverdy , kindle ebook Pierre Reverdy , Pierre Reverdy 56873788dd10 Pierre Reverdy.Epub Pierre Reverdy 1889 1960 Is Considered By Many To Be One Of France S Most Influential Poets Of The Early Twentieth Century His Two Dozen Published Poetry Books Went On To Influence The Cubists And The Surrealists Playing A Part In Both Groups Formation And His Work Continued To Be Viewed, Admired And Read By Poets In Europe And America Much Of His Work Is Still In Print Today And He Is Studied And Written About As Much Today As He Was Some Thirty Years Ago Small Anthologies Of His Work Continue To Appear In Many Languages This Volume Is A Fairly Comprehensive Survey Of Both The Verse Poems And The Prose Poems, In A Bilingual Format, And With Prefaces And Notes By The Editor Mary Ann Caws And Patricia Terry The Surrealists Praised Reverdy As The Greatest Living Poet At The Time And Many Modern Poets Have Continued To Echo That Praise Reverdy Moved To Paris At A Young Age And Continued Living There Until His Death In 1960.