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    Can the stiff upper lip, or in this case sneer of the English aristocracy handle the down to earth, stark frankness and sparkle of a young woman from the Australian outback when she enters their lives unexpectedly rocking their ever so proper world in ways than one Little did Jonathan know when he landed in the tiny town of Bindundilly on an assignment designed to ruffle his feathers that the feisty Charlie steal a piece of his heart at a time he is supposed to be finding a proper mate to carry on the Hartley Huntley name, a duty that has fallen to him when his older brother proved sterile.Charlie s late father was an avid painter, whose work has become part of Jonathan s assignment, but there is to the late recluse than meets the eye, who would think one of his paintings would sit on a wall in the Hartley Huntley estate for years, haunting Jon with just a look Is it Fate or coincidence that brings these two opposites together Shocking revelations about the artist will definitely change lives, but will it be for the better A quick read with a full complement of twists and turns, Red Dirt Duchess by Louise Reynolds is a light read that has a sprinkle of romance, wonderfully defined characters and an ending that made me smile Charlie is full of strength, life and love while Jonathan is seems to be caught between living his own life and living the life his stodgy family has mapped out for him, all because they are in financial ruin and must keep up pretenses in their polished and joyless world Louis Reynolds puts it all out there, highlighting the highs and lows, then tosses out a few left field revelations that will make you smile, have you shaking your head and most definitely making you pump fists for Charlie As likable as Charlie is, I have to say, Jonathan and his family take some getting used to You have to love a young commoner who can take down the aristocracy with style A fun read that moves along quickly, take it to the beach I received this ARC edition from Destiny Romance in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date August 19, 2014Publisher e penguin ISBN 9781760140557Genre Contemporary RomancePrint Length 204 pagesAvailable from

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    I have to confess to reading this book over a weekend and not getting the housework done I chuckled at the great opening where posh London lad Jon is sent to the Outback and meets feisty bar owner Charlie All those jokes that Australians play at the expense of foreign tourists no not everything in Australia is trying to eat you, only most things came to mind I loved Louise Reynolds imagery While I have never been to the Outback I certainly felt like I was there while I read this book The story shifts to England and I then felt cold and a sudden need to drink warm beer The portrayal of Jon s family was brilliantly written, never allowing them to become cliched A lovely read and one which I thoroughly enjoyed Highly recommended.

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    Red dirt duchess is a contemporary heart warming tale set in the outback town of Bindundilly and London This is an exciting tale full of family mystery and romance.Louise Reynolds gorgeous writing brings the outback to life in stunning colours She also highlighted country life and the daily running of an Australian pub, which I found fascinating.Charlie follows Jon back to London and well no spoilers.I simply adored Red dirt duchess and I will be reading from Louise Reynolds.

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    Enjoyed this very much Romance about two people from radically different worlds who discover they have in common than they could imagine Family skeletons reveal a history for the heroine, Charlie, that pulls her from the Aussie outback to refined society in London Some lovely twists and turns that lead to an ending that left the romantic in me than satisfied.

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    A wonderfully satisfying, fun and moving read Take a gender swap Crocodile Dundee and blend with a good dose of Downton Abbey and you re almost close to Red Dirt Duchess, only it s a lot classier and significantly sophisticated The mystery took me by surprise, and there were definite moments that took me off guard and brought a tear to my eye Highly recommended.

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    A spare hero, an Aussie outback princess, 2 paintings spreading magically pixie dust from England to Australia, mix in fire extinguishers worthy ecstasy KABOOM romance Ever hear of the heir the spare Well, Jonathan Hartley Huntley is living it He is the second son of the late Earl of Bengall his brother, loving called Germs, is the new Earl, but he is unable to have children, so that has falling on Jon s shoulders His mother is the typical Dowager Countess, with her nose up in the air to all who are beneath her keeps throwing her choices his way Jon is a reporter photographer for the Aristo he visits the upcoming new resorts, but he just ended a messy affair with his editor Caro is paying him back with going to Bindundilly, Australia.Charlie Hughes has lived an unusual life in Australia with her flighty addict mom her painting dad, but she loved every minute of it, but now she lives in Bindundilly, owns runs the pub She is use to poisonous snakes spiders, the remote red desert all the odd ball folks who come for a beer Charlie has been going to Sydney twice a year for medical checks to get laid because all the local males think they are her substitute dad, but she is happy with her uncomplicated life.Jon has landed in the hole of Satan s a no car waiting, so in his designer clothes shoes he has to walk to the only building seen for miles Charlie hears this smooth chocolaty upper English accent she realized she forgot to meet him at airfield Jon is hot, just his suite survive the next 24 hours, then Miss Spectacular A shows him a 1960 acid trip style hovel Charlie doesn t think this Lord English Hoity Toity will last After his shower OUTSIDE, Jon sees a mural swears he has seen it before, she says its her dad after the pub is closed Charlie Jon share a cool night, a bottle of wine a UNDIES melting kisses The next morning they go for an Aussie outing where kisses are exchanged he tells her about the painting in his home that must be her dad s right before he boards his plane home, he gives her his card tells her if she wants to see the painting just look him up After 3 weeks Jon sees Charlie outside his London building, they go to a local pub for food, drink warmth for freezing Charlie the next thing she knows she is handing Jon her itsy bitsy suitcase for a trip to Hartley Hall Charlie thought the Outback was tough, but only the butler, Barker, is the welcoming one, as the his mom is rude, Germs is indifferent his wife Sarah is a watering pot, but the surprise guest Vera, Dowager Countess of Rushton, seems kind warm, but her dad s painting was placed at an auction Soon Jon Charlie can t keep their clothes on after many screaming orgasms, comes open hearts Will Jon decide his own wife Can he say to HADES with bloodlines How does uncomplicated Charlie fit into his world Will Charlie be strong enough to walk away to save her heart What about the painting Is it her dad s This is my 1st Ms Reynolds romance absolutely loved her adventure of globetrotting lovers I love Fairy God anything Ms Reynolds had her dad s paintings as a Fairy Godthingie that brought Jon Charlie together that made this romance ever special to my heart Charlie is my kind of heroine, with her strong inner strength that she got from her kooky parents, but being with Jon showed her how alone she really was Jon was the spare, had the yoke of responsibility of providing the next heir was also the Hwan, Bam, Thanks you ma am kind of guy Even thou this was a present day romance, I really got into the Regency feel of it to see that even in this day age the peers of England are still suck in their traditions have to give KUDOS to Ms Reynolds for it This story goes from Australia to England had many Aussie says that I had to get translated, but I had a great time learns about the Outback, but the Aussies can keep their snakes to themselves PLEASE NO SHARING I was ROFL because Jon was such a big baby about snakes spiders his hero was Charlie Now all romance need to RELEASE THEIR SEXUAL KRAKEN Ms Reynolds didn t disappoint me with her no AA BATTERIES REQUIRED shivers quivers Ms Reynolds gifted this tale with many twists turns, explored the opposites attract, a unique Fairy Godthingie, orgasmarific scenes, love arose the globe to lost souls searching for their endless limitless ONE I think that is so worth my score of 4 fingers up 7 toes I will be watching for another Louise Reynolds romances NrtGallwy ARC given for my honest review.

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    Red Dirt Duchess, Louise ReynoldsReview from jeannie zelos book reviews I thought this sounded a fun read, with the chance of some real bitchyness from Jon s mum So, how did it work out for me Well, Jon, to be honest at first I found him a bit of a burke, expecting so much from a tiny rural placebut I soon warmed to him He s a good guy really, and has a huge secret that s impacted so much on his way of thinking Charlie she was great, not afraid to stand up for herself, even though she d had her share of tragedy She s a glass half full person, and a complete contrast with her eternal enthusiasm to Jon s wearied jadedness When she came to UK, and met Jon s family wow a culture shock I couldn t believe how cold Jon s mother was, ditto the sister in law His brother was kind of neutral about everything the show stealer was Barker the butler he was fantastic a real Gem The difference in cultures was very marked that worked well for me The paintings that linked them and proved a catalyst for everything seemed a bit too much of a coincidence, and yet, in real life, things like that DO happenso I was fine with it, and it was worked into the story very well I d hoped for some jealousy, for Jon s mother to have lined up some potential wives or something that would provide some drama and emotion There was drama here in the secrets that were revealed but they didn t for me provide that much needed passion I just felt it was very one level The ending worked well, and I felt for Charlie when things didn t seem to be working and I need that empathy to enjoy a story Stars Three, overall, I enjoyed this as a fun and easy to read romance but it didn t have enough dramatics to be a four or five star read.ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

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    Red Dirt Duchess is very light book The main plot of the story is around Jon, Charlie and their relationship I have to admit that the book was really slow at the beginning and that I almost didn t finish it But around the time that Charlie got to England, I could feel that the story was going somewhere The characters are well developed, especially Jon I think that a lot of people wouldn t like him much, but I could relate to him because the author explains well how much pressure he is going through I feel that at the end, everybody understands why he is that way cold and unattainable Charlie is still a mystery for me It s not that I didn t like her she respect herself, don t let people walk on her, etc , but I couldn t understand the way she lived since I m from a big city, living by yourself in the middle of nowhere doesn t seem appealing Also, the secondary characters aren t really developed we don t know much of Jeremy, Maddie, Diana, etc As I mention before, in the beginning, the story was really slow at 30% of the book though, I was really interested in knowing what was going to happen with Charlie in England and if Cliff her father made the painting The story line was good, and I like the fact that the author made an epilogue I was happy for a couple in particular, but I won t mention which, it is yours to discover In short, I would recommend this book for beach reading session, or if you have a lot of things on your mind It is a perfect book to relax yourself, put stuff into perspective and to think about Charlie s life, a life that is very different from most people, but that is, maybe, better.ARC provided by NetGalley and publishers

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    The Australian outback meets stiff British aristocracy When Jonathan is sent to Australia to cover a story, he doesn t anticipate meeting the charming Charlie Hughes Charlie loves her life running a pub in Australia Still she connects with Jon and impulsively follows him to England Upon meeting his stiff, unwelcoming family, she s certain there is no future for them, but events soon unfold and Charlie discovers secrets about her parents and a life she never expected.This was a book that caught my eye on Netgalley and the premise sounded promising I m not familiar with the author, but I love books set in Australia and England It was a bit of a slow start, but I enjoyed Jon and Charlie and found their characters surprisingly well developed The art aspect was fascinating as was the glimpse inside old, established British families trying to find their way in modern England.The book isn t long and is easily read in one or two sittings It s light and would be a perfect beach read Sometimes you just need a book you can escape with.There is mildly explicit non marital intimacy.

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    Red Dirt Duchess is very light easy to read book, but its also very different from what I usually read I m so use to reading young adult that when I went into this book I kept looking for the typical YA trends But just FYI this is not a YA book it s an Adult Romance and the main plot of the story is around Jon, Charlie and their relationship I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars because the beginning of this book was really slow, and there were several times when I almost gave up reading entirely But then when Charlie got England, the book started to really pick up and I really wanted to know where the story was going Also all the characters in Red Dirt Duchess are really well developed I loved Jon and Charlie so much and could relate to them on so many levels My only complaint with character development falls with the secondary characters I still feel like there could ve been so details given to the readers about these characters Especially Jeremy, Maddie and Diane Overall, I would still recommend this book its an easy quick read thats perfect if your wanting to just get away.

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Red Dirt Duchess download Red Dirt Duchess , read online Red Dirt Duchess , kindle ebook Red Dirt Duchess , Red Dirt Duchess 0bd808a0d344 When English Society Playboy Jonathan Hartley Huntley Is Sent To Outback Australia After A Disastrous Affair With His Editor, All He Wants Is To Take A Few Pictures, Do A Quick Interview And Get Back To His Usual Life Of Luxury As Soon As Possible Until He Meets His Host, The Irresistible Charlie Hughes, And Suddenly The Back Of Beyond Is A Lot Appealing Running The Pub Is A Labour Of Love For Charlie And She Has No Desire To Ever Leave The Tiny Town Of Bindundilly That Is, Until Jon Discovers An Old Painting That Raises Questions About Both Their Lives Charlie Impulsively Decides To Follow Him To London, And As The Feelings Between Them Begin To Deepen, She Starts To Wonder If There S To Life Than The Pub But At Jon S Family Home, The Magnificent Hartley Hall, They Become Acutely Aware Of The Differences Between Them, And It Soon Seems Clear They Have No Future Together Especially If Jon S Mother Has Her Way Family And Tradition Threaten The Course Of True Love In This Warm And Witty Novel From The Author Of Outback Bride And Her Italian Aristocrat