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Lowest of the low chapter 1 Lowest of the low , meaning Lowest of the low , genre Lowest of the low , book cover Lowest of the low , flies Lowest of the low , Lowest of the low 22ccca1876d2b Mac Spent His Whole Life Creating A Name For Himself In The Criminal Underbelly Of Society A Life He D Enjoyed Until The Underworld Handed Him Scarlet, A Stunning Con Artist With A Knack For Getting Into Trouble Mac Couldn T Put In Words The Sheer Dislike He Felt Towards This Woman But Even He Couldn T Keep Away From Her Scarlet Appreciated The Great Mac And His Skills, Well Maybe Only One Skill And That Involved A Certain Piece Of Him And It Wasn T His Mind Mutual Respect For The Others Craft Barely Stopped Them From Killing Each Other So Why Did Scarlet Arrive At His Door, Bloody And Bruised And Why The Hell Did Mac Let Her In

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