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50 WITTY TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL download 50 WITTY TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL , read online 50 WITTY TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL , kindle ebook 50 WITTY TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL , 50 WITTY TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL b76254acaf0c Akbar And Birbal Usually We Will Pronounce It As Beerbal Stories Are Very Famous And Popular In India Among All Ages Of People, Especially For Children Because Of The Intelligence Which Hidden In Their Stories Children S Thinking Capabilities Would Be Increased Because Of The Smart Answers Of The Minister Birbal.Each Of The 50 Stories Contains A Moral , A Logic To Think Exchanges By Akbar And Birbal Have Become Part Of Indian Folk Tradition These Tales Are Also An Integral Part Of Indian Culture Akbar And Birbal Are Extremely Popular Even In The Modern Age This Book Is A Compiled Version Of 50 Good Stories,illustrated With Images As Well 50 Chapters Are A AKBAR AND BIRBAL INTRODUCTION B HOW AKBAR MET BIRBAL C HOW MAHESH DAS BECAME BIRBAL 01 ANSWER FOR QUESTION IS A QUESTION 02 WHO IS A DONKEY 03 WHY IS THE CAMEL S NECK CROOKED 04 BIRBAL S VISIT TO HEAVEN 05 BIRBAL CAUGHT THE THIEF 06.I AM YOUR SERVANT, MY LORD 07 HOW MANY CROWS IN THE KINGDOM 08 BIRBAL SOLVES THE PROBLEM 09 FLOWERS FOR AKBAR 10 BIRBAL S SWEET REPLY 11 BIRBAL IDENTIFIES THE GUEST 12 TIT BITS BETWEEN AKBAR AND BIRBAL 13 A LITTLE LESSER AND LITTLE MORE 14 BIRBAL S BEAUTIFUL EXPLANATION 15.THE NOBLEST BEGGAR 16.FAST HORSE 17.THE LOYAL GARDENER 18 BIRBAL BETRAYS HIMSELF 19.RED HOT TEST 20.FOUR FOOLS 21.MILK OF AN OX 22.JUST ONE QUESTION 23.THE PARROT NEITHER EATS, NOR DRINKS 24.NEITHER HERE, NOR THERE 25 BIRBAL S HELP TO ASTROLOGER 26.HEAVY BURDEN 27 BIRBAL PASSES THE TEST 28.THE MAGICAL DONKEY 29.PICKLED CLUE 30.HUNTING AND THE DOWRY 31 BIRBAL AND AKBAR S RING 32.AKBAR S DREAM 33 BIRBAL HELPS A PUNDIT 34 BIRBAL S KHICHADEE 35.THE POET RAAYADAAS 36.THE THREE QUESTIONS 37.FEAR IS THE KEY 38.PROTECTION OF THE FOOT MARK OF AN ELEPHANT 39 BIRBAL, THE PROBLEM SOLVER 40.WHO IS THE REAL KING 41.WHO IS FOOLED 42 BIRBAL, THE CHILD 43 BIRBAL S LIST OF BLINDS 44.THE BLIND SAINT REALLY, IS HE 45.THE SHARP SHIELD SWORD 46.THE LOST RING 47.WHO IS THE REAL MOTHER 48.A MERCHANT AND THE STOLEN TREASURE 49 BIRBAL STRIKES AGAIN 50 THE LINGUIST S CHALLENGE CHAPTER 05 BIRBAL CAUGHT THE THIEF It So Happened Once That Once A Rich Merchant S House Was Robbed The Merchant Suspected That The Thief Was One Of His Servants He Tried To Find Out The Thief Was On His Own, But Failed So He Went To Birbal And Explained The Whole Incident In Detail Birbal Went To His House And Assembled All Of His Servants In The Front Hall And Asked That Who Stole The Merchant S Things Everybody Denied Birbal Thought For A Moment, Then Gave A Stick Of Equal Length To All The Servants Of The Merchant And Said To Them That The Stick Of The Real Thief Will Be Long By Two Inches Tomorrow All The Servants Should Be Present Here Again Tomorrow With Their Sticks All The Servants Went To Their Homes And Gathered Again At The Same Place The Next Day Birbal Asked Them To Show Him Their Sticks One Of The Servants Had His Stick Shorter By Two Inches Birbal Said, This Is Your Thief, Merchant.