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    A vast ranging and educational study of literatures using an overriding ecological metaphor that works surprisingly well Warning The following review is rather long and rambling, a possibly failed attempt to synthesise what I found especially compelling and what I took away from the book I used strategic bolding to try to call attention to the most important bits.Beecroft understands literatures as techniques or practices of reading texts, and specifically of linking texts together loc 351 , rather than as inhering in formal or evaluative characteristics of literary texts themselves, so he draws not only on texts themselves but on the critical and historical texts that contributed to canon construction from as early as ancient Chinese and Greek.After a thorough conceptual and methodological introduction, Beecroft dedicates one chapter each to his 6 literary ecologies epichoric, panchoric, cosmopolitan, vernacular, national, and global The real pay off for me came with chapter 6, Global Literature , but this does not mean that the preceding chapters were all in vain The previous in depth description of pre existing and current literary ecologies prepared me to better grasp what Beecroft hypothesises for the future, which might not have made sense without the ecological thinking he first sketched out in the introduction and then developed exemplified in the first five chapters His range of literary references throughout is impressive, and this is a we...

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    A really great set of theories on how literatures work across various scales and systems Introduces a great new set of concepts to play around with Doesn t hurt that the last chapter on World Literature discusses some of my faves Bola o and Ghosh.

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    A grandly ambitious and highly thought provoking book Beecroft s main idea is to use ecology rather than economics, say as an analogy for world literary systems, because it allows for greater complexity and a richer sense of different interacting parts His second key idea is to create a typology of 6 ecologies epichoric, panchoric, cosmopolitan, vernacular, national, and global , spanning from the very small scale and local to the global Interestingly and this is where things get a bit tricky , these ecologies are really modes of reading or interpretation, though they also sometimes seem to be modes of production the distinction gets a bit fuzzy These two ideas are in and of themselves intriguing and worthwhile contributions to the field, offering an interesting new framework that may ...

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    It is a fantastic book, ideal for those trying to decide whether to study literature in one or languages Also useful for professors of world literature The author coins his own terminology to create a clear panorama of the world literature He also spreads his wings, so to spea...

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    Enjoy the book very much Plan to read it again soon More comments later, maybe.

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