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The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter chapter 1 The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter, meaning The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter, genre The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter, book cover The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter, flies The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter, The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter 24b4144ba6300 When Runaway Heiress Fiona Fayrefield Hires Bodyguard Harris Kingsley To Protect Her From Her Meddlesome Father, Harris Decides That His Job Includes Putting The Spoiled Twenty Four Year Old Brat Over His Knee For A Long, Hard Spanking When He Feels It Necessary For The First Time In Her Life, Fiona Discovers That Doing Whatever She Wants, Whenever She Wants, Is No Longer An Option After Her Father Sends Ex Military Bounty Hunter Tom Waters To Bring Her Home, Events Take An Unexpected Turn And The Two Men Soon Join Forces To Protect Fiona, To Tame Her Rebellious Ways, And To Bring Her Pleasure Than She Ever Imagined Possible But When They Learn That She Has Skeletons In Her Closet Than They Were Counting On, Will Her Fortune Come Between Fiona And The Loves Of Her Life Publisher S Note The Brat, The Bodyguard, And The Bounty Hunter Is An Erotic Novel That Includes Spankings, Anal Play, Sexual Scenes Including Threesomes, Exhibitionism, Elements Of BDSM, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book.

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    1.5 starsThis review was originally posted on Bears Read Too The Brat, the Bodyguard and the Bounty Hunter is a standalone book and to be honest I m glad because I wouldn t have read any further books I barely finished this one So we have a poor little rich girl Fiona Fayrefield on the run from her mean old dad She hires a bodyguard Harris Kingsley to protect her and her father hires a bounty hunter Tom Waters to track her down Low and behold bounty hunter and bodyguard meet up and know each other and they both want to protect poor little mega spoiled rich girl.I just don t know what to say or even how to start this review, so I think I ll just do this I really like Harris Kingsley He seemed like a strong character and I liked him right away I just think time should have been spent on his character I wanted about him The settings were pretty cool but we didn t get to see much of them The concept of the story was kind of interesting Poor little rich girl needs saving It was ruined by spending way too much time on how spoiled she was rather than her vulnerable side I know some rich girls can be really spoiled, but Fiona s character was in the extreme and not really believable She was supposed to have a vulnerable side, but we didn t get to see much of...

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    Great story of people deciding how best to help Fiona Harris and Tom are both feeling protective and have to convince her to behave and think about her safety The seem to have a connection but can it stand her going home.

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    was an ok quick predictable read

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    Two Are Better Than OneFiona, the poor little rich daughter of a British lord living in the U.S., who was raised by servants and nannies, having access to virtually unlimited funds, but no love, has grown into a spoiled, obnoxious and pretentious brat After running from her father s home she hires Harris, a former military commander, to be her bodyguard, without providing much information about why she needs protection Tom, a retired Special Ops officer, is hired shortly thereafter as a bounty hunter of sorts by Fiona s father, to bring her home, so he can allegedly help resolve some outstanding warrants against her When Tom catches up with Harris and Fiona in Italy, the tw...

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    This author tends to be hit or miss for me and this one was a big miss.Fiona is just a whiny brat It was impossible for me to find anything at all to like about her and the men were lacking substance I like some bratty girls in books but not if they have no redeeming qualities.

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    Could be betterRope sex scene needs a look at Harris starting naked then taking clothes off in midst romp when blow job initiates Harris could do of discipline seems to sit back once in ranch.

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    not bad.

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    This was a fun read I didn t expect much, just something to pass the time, but the story was solid and quite hot The characters were interesting, the story made sense, and I liked how they tamed their filly.

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    HotI enjoyed reading this captivating mmf, usually not my style but it was a good read This story has a satisfying and complete HEA.

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