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After The Storm explained After The Storm, review After The Storm, trailer After The Storm, box office After The Storm, analysis After The Storm, After The Storm 0384 Everybody Has A Past The Question Is, What Does It Taste Like To You Tragedy For Years Balqis Tries To Forget That Dark Tragedy,with The Hope That She Ll Be Able To Lead A Normal Life Again But Since Then, She S Not The Same Person Any She Has Changed Everyone Around Her Realizes That She Has Changed If There S One Thing That She Loathes The Most, It Will Definitely Be MenLost As A Successful Magazine Editor, Maria Leads A Happy Life With Her Family She Was Over The Moon When A Dashing CEO Of A Well Known Oil Company Proposed To Her Alas It Turns Out That Her Perfectly Built Marriage Is Like A Sinking Ship Lost Between Love And Reality, She S Torn Between The TwoLove After His Father Died, Suleyman Struggles To Put His Family Back Back On Track However, It S Not As Crystal Clear As He Thought It Would Be, Until He Meets The Girl Of His Dream Will He Risk It All For An Arrogant Girl Or Let Her Go After The Storm Tells The Story Of Three Individuals In A Battle To Find Courage, Justice And True Love

  • Paperback
  • 450 pages
  • After The Storm
  • Diyar Harraz
  • English
  • 17 November 2018

About the Author: Diyar Harraz

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10 thoughts on “After The Storm

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    a calamity that will get you closer to Allah is better than a blessing that will make you forget his remembrance There is not many asian theme books that touch closely on the muslim community except for the usual scrap the surface on Muslims but not what they are This book the first page led you to different characters in it but you don t feel lost a page turner that you just can t put down Not mere fictional story but stories that you can learn from It is amazing also this book is written by a young author to look forward too ,

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    The book is very good considering this is her first The story is inspiring and motivating The characters namely Balqis, Suleyman and Maria they were all their weakness but they fight to change their crisis into something of of value I feel like knocking Maria s head why she chose to stay married to Hafiz, why Balqis is so stubborn and refused to open up to Suleyman But that s what driven me to read They were all survivors, fighting for what they want the best in their lives Although, it is good if the feelings between Balqis and Suleyman could be indulging, engaging Overall, I had a good read.

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    After the Storm Honestly, i finished reading it a while ago I remembered thinking about the book even days after i ve already finished it, and wondered how to put those thoughts into a few words of a review And then work caught up with me, and a review remained pending Today, i thought i should read it again just to be fair But i didn t Because i still remember the story And that is pretty amazing, considering how many stuff happened in my life lately Like what i said in my previous reviews, whenever i read a book and still think about it long after i ve closed it, i consider that a good read And After the Storm is definitely one of them.i have to admit, the story is not one of my typical tastes I shamefully have to say i m of a sweet friendship love romance happy ending easy conflict type of a reader And After the Storm kinda caught me off the track a little Reading it reminds me of Jodi Picoult s and Sydney Shieldon s And to have a young malaysian writer wrote than kind of story filled me with awe, i found myself closing the book in the middle of reading it, shaking my head I wondered so much how a young writer could write such a matured storyline It is a story of heavy conflicts, narrated in simple terms, and yet it keeps you glued to the words Its plot twisting is interestingly built, and its characters bloom as the story goes on The only bum for me was the emotional conflict between Suleyman and Balqis These two are the main characters, and i only wish that their feelings for each other could be elaborated Other than that, if u need a break from lovey dovey sweet stories and want to read something that makes u think and ponder about the real life and what u can do to make it better, here s your book Here s a story that feels real, because somehow, sadly, it does happen Somewhere in the world It does have the ending most readers would want, but the lessons learned from it along the story, before its ending, is much profound than that Well done to miss writer Looking forward for , seriously And happy reading, readers

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    i envy u miss author she s travelled she s written a book she s younger than me is the fact _ the plot was good even though i thought there were quite many characters for me to remember, but the flow is just okay and coherent i might say lol am applying my literature studies here.i like the hero haha.k.bye.

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    3.5 my rating

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