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A Tale of Two Ts download A Tale of Two Ts , read online A Tale of Two Ts , kindle ebook A Tale of Two Ts , A Tale of Two Ts be33defb3430 Read A Tale Of Two Ts By Tanya Allan Three Young Men, All Friends Since School Days, Are Heading For The Ski Slopes In The French Alps In Well Loved, But Not Awfully Well Maintained Alfa Romeo Sure Enough, The Car Decides To Break Down In The Middle Of Nowhere, A Couple Of Hundred Kilometres From Their Destination Only One Of Them Speaks Sufficient French To Be Trusted To Summon Help Young Terry Cooper Sets Off In The Snow To Find Any Habitation With A Telephone Half Way Up A Hill He Finds An Ornate Pair Of Gates Leading Who Knows Where At The Gate He Sees An Attractive Woman Clearly Ill Equipped For The Worsening Conditions He Starts Speaking To Her, To Be Distracted By A Passing Car When He Looks Back, The Woman Has Gone The Only Way She Could Have Gone Is Through The Gate He Reasons That Some Habitation Must Be Within Walking Distance, So He Opens The Gates And Walks Up The Long Drive At The End He Finds A Large House, But No Sign Of The Woman Upon Ringing The Doorbell, He Is Admitted And Is Able To Alert The Recovery Agent For The Car The Butler, However, Mistakenly Assumes Terry Is A Bedraggled Young Woman, As His Build And Length Of Hair Would Indicate On Being Led Back To The Front Door By The Butler, He Sees A Portrait In The Hall It Is Of The Woman He Saw, Only Dressed In An Elegant Evening Dress He Enquires As To Who She Is, And Is Shocked And Surprised To Learn That She Is Theresa, The Late Countess, Having Died Some Eighteen Months Ago At That Moment The Woman S Husband Demands To Know What Is Happening, On Seeing Terry, The Comte Armand Is Shocked Beyond Words For Terry Resembles His Theresa To An Uncanny Degree On Learning That Terry Is An Artist, And Despite Knowing Nothing About Him Or His Work, Armand Commissions Terry To Paint A Mural Of His Late Wife On A Wall In His Home Terry Agrees, As The Frenchman Offers Him A Silly Amount Of Money To Undertake The Task The Matter Of The Car Is Resolved, And On The Following Day, The Friends Head Off In A Rental Car For The Slopes After The Holiday, Terry Returns To The French Mansion And Starts Work On His Return, However, Things Start To Go Very Strange Indeed It Appears That The Woman He Thought He Saw May Not Have Disappeared Through The Gates He Comes To Realise That The Only Other Place For Her To Go Was Into Him Terry Starts Along A Very Different Road In Life To Which He Had Expected To Go.