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Ms Amazing download Ms Amazing , read online Ms Amazing , kindle ebook Ms Amazing , Ms Amazing 08c2af093774 Super Heroine In Peril Fiction At Its Finest Young, Beautiful, And Powerful, Ms Amazing Is Synne City S Premier Super Heroine Unfortunately, The Raven Maned, Blue Eyed Beauty Tends To Get Herself Into Embarrassing, Provocative Situations To Save A Young Woman Threatened By A Pimp, The Vivacious Vigilante Will Do Whatever It Takes This Time It Involves A Bet Winner Take All The Sex Bet Is Simple Enough, And Should Be Well Within Her Powers To Finish Victoriously Will Our Sexy Super Heroine Remain True To Herself And Her Calling Or With The Wicked Pimp Pull Out All Of Stops To Shatter The Young Beauty S Carefully Erected Walls, And Tame Her Wild Spirit Warning This Super Heroine In Peril, Urban Fantasy Erotica Story Has Sizzling Hot And Explicit Consensual Sex, Oral, Anal, Gagging, Bondage, And Light Spanking All Given To A Sexy Super Heroine By A Wicked And Horny Street Pimp After She Loses A Sex BetThis Is A Story Of Approximately Words This Is A Great Story If You Want A Fun Erotic RompRead The Entire Synne City Super Heroine In Peril SeriesMs Amazing Vigilante JusticeMs Amazing Super Heroine Sex BetMs Amazing Public Service And To Come Except Kid Kissed Her Long And Hard Ms Amazing Struggled Briefly, Then Relaxed And Let Him Have His Way She Gave Her Word She Could Not Break That Promise For Anything She Was A Super Heroine, A Superior Woman, Her Word Was Her Bond And She Had To Remind Herself Of That Again When His Tongue Pushed Past Her Full Red Lips And Delved Deep Into Her MouthMs Amazing Focused All Of Her Energy And Self Control On Keeping Her Emotions And Body In Check Kisses Were Devastating Emotionally To Her Than Sex, Though Physical Intercourse Could Scramble Her Brains It Was The Curse Of Aphrodite, That All Super Heroines Had To Deal With At One Time Or Another Whatever You Want, Rotten, She Breathed, Trying To Get Her Emotions In Control She Reminded Herself This Was Not A Defeat It Was A Ploy To Defeat Kid Rotten, One Of The Most Brutal Pimps In The City Get Rid Of The Boys And We Can Get Started You Boys Go Guard The Alley Don T Let Nobody Disturb Us, Hear You Got It, Boss, They Said, LeeringMs Amazing Watched Them Leave She Gnawed On Her Lip, Hearing Their Crude Sex Jokes About Her, Her Breasts, And Body They Also Spoke About What They Would Do With Her Once Kid Tamed Her Crazy Ass And She Was Firmly Under His ThumbThe Sex Acts They Mentioned Left Her Breathless, Body Achy, Pussy Burning Hot, And Mind A Little Dizzy None Of The Acts Were Anything She Hadn T Done Before, But Goddess How She Loved Them Those Thoughts Didn T Help Her Cause, Leaving Her Feeling Weak And VulnerableTurning Back To Ms Amazing, Kid Said, Lift Your Arms Above Your Head And Turn Around Display Yourself To Me, Ms Amazingly Slutty I Want To See Just How Amazing That Body Is Up Close And Personal She Slanted An Angry Look At Him First, She Was Growing Tired Of His Love Of Butchering Her Highly Respected Name So Many Of His Ilk Did Secondly, She Didn T Like Being Treated Like A Cheap Whore But She Did Agree So She Lifted Her Arms And Slowly Turned Before His Awestruck Eyes The Single Incandescent Bulb Spotlighted Her Feminine Charms Wonderfully Jesus, You Are Even Beautiful In Person Than On The Tube, He Said, Reaching Out With Both Hands To Cup And Weigh Her Boobs It Took Longer For Him To Start Fondling Her Than She First Thought It Would