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  • Kindle Edition
  • Multiple Mes II
  • Sasha Wright
  • English
  • 11 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Multiple Mes II

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    Big madHow is there not a part three yet It was a good read Read it on the airplane ride home

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    To Be or Not to BeThis book is crazy Full of incest, rape, mental illness, and hatred Who can hate someone so much I ll be anxiously awaiting on part 3

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    Multiple Me s RewindThis sequel was just as good as the first I never imagined it could get any better However, it picks up where the first part left off and it only gets crazier Moneca and Oneca seemed to have gotten their lives together But, there are people who don t want to see that happen and they try everything possible to bring Ocean back It s a rollercoaster ride that leaves you with your mouth wide open I can t wait to see what happens next I recommend this five star read if you want something different.Happy Reading,Michelle Rawls,The Official Dcbookreviewer

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    AMENA Where the hell did Amena come from I knew it was too good to be true I was hoping Oneca a had gotten a break from the chaos, but then she said she was losing part of her days It all went downhill from there This mother and daughter need a break I hope their isn t a fourth book as much as I ve enjoyed it In the case of Rex, kill the head and the rest will follow.

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    wow what an ending, is camille just as crazy as them all I though she had a little sense but nooo she was wacky too, poor oneca she will never find anyone she can trust or have any happiness, can t wait to for part3

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    It s anybody in this book who they say they really are, well except the fir the crazy ones they are exemptlol.oh wow This was a really good book I m going back to read the last chapter so it can stay engraved on the brain.

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    Good readI chose five star cause the craziness kept on coming really did love this bok hope is to come

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    Very goodI can t wait for part three of multiple me s These are very good books to read Hurry up part 3.

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    In book 2 the lives of Oneca, Moneca, and Ocean continues , where no one is really who they appear to beThis was a good book

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    OMGThis was a page turner after another I am so eager to get started on the next and trust I ll be so sad if I have to wait for a release date.

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Multiple Mes II characters Multiple Mes II , audiobook Multiple Mes II , files book Multiple Mes II , today Multiple Mes II , Multiple Mes II 062a3 Rejoin The Lives Of Oneca, Moneca, And Ocean, Where No One Is Really Who They Appear To Be Will City Be Able To Make It Back To Ocean Can Mikey And Oneca S Relationship Stand Against Everything Going Against Them How Will Moneca Adjust To Her New Found Freedom Will Rex Finally Let Go Of His Obsession With Moneca Find Out How They All Learn To Move On After Discovering Oneca And Moneca S Shocking Secret All While Dealing With The New Twists And Turns Coming Their Way.