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    This is James Reason s valedictory book on his pursuit of the nature of human error What began in his kitchen with a slip involving putting cat food in his teapot blossomed into a forty year career at the forefront of human error psychology If you have read any of Reason s books you re unlikely to learn too much here as the book is short and is mainly a kind of retrospective on some highlights So we get quick retellings of error classification, Rasmussen s performance levels, active latent failures, violations and a little bit of Swiss cheese There is a chapter on organisational failures he s previously written a book about this and a couple of chapters on error within the medical profession These were interesting as they highlighted how the prevailing culture in the health industry stymies learning with regard to error Trainin...

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A Life in Error download A Life in Error , read online A Life in Error , kindle ebook A Life in Error , A Life in Error cda9e00178f1 This Succinct But Absorbing Book Covers The Main Way Stations On James Reason S 40 Year Journey In Pursuit Of The Nature And Varieties Of Human Error He Presents An Engrossing And Very Personal Perspective, Offering The Reader Exceptional Insights, Wisdom And Wit As Only James Reason Can A Life In Error Charts The Development Of His Seminal And Hugely Influential Work From Its Original Focus Into Individual Cognitive Psychology Through The Broadening Of Scope To Embrace Social, Organizational And Systemic Issues.