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No Sin in Paradise chapter 1 No Sin in Paradise , meaning No Sin in Paradise , genre No Sin in Paradise , book cover No Sin in Paradise , flies No Sin in Paradise , No Sin in Paradise 7eba8c24911e5 Minister Nicodemus Dungy Is Learning The Hard Way That The Life Of A Church Fixer Means There Are No Days Off Following The Dramatic Events Of His Last Assignment, Nic Has Decided To Take A Much Needed Vacation Instead Of Resolving Potential Faith Shattering Church Scandals, He Is Spending His Days On The Beach Enjoying A Good Book And An Occasional Swim In The Ocean He Spends His Nights With An Elderly Couple He Has Befriended, Looking Up At The Stars And Praying That One Day Victory, A Potential Love Interest, Will Join Him His Vacation Is Cut Short When A Prominent Pastor Comes Up Dead At An International Church Conference Despite His Reluctance, Nic Is Offered A King S Ransom To Find Information That Can Lead To The Murderer Against His Better Judgment, He Accepts The Assignment And Thus Sojourns Into A Deadly World Of Crime And Corruption The He Investigates The Circumstances Surrounding The Pastor S Murder, The Nic Will Realize That He Is In Over His HeadSet In A Remote Island In The Bahamas, No Sin In Paradise Is A Beautiful But Deadly Odyssey Nic Will Encounter A Secret Society, A Business Tycoon, A Drug Dealer, And A Voodoo Priestess On His Quest To Uncover The Truth, But Will The Truth Come At A Price That Is Too Steep For Nic To Pay

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    This was an interesting book I didn t expect the killer to be who it was, but that s where great writing comes into play.In my mind I m asking myself does the Cloth exist now and do we really have minister that carry on like this WOW

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    This novel picks up from the authors previous book, When It All Falls Down Minister Nicodemus Dungy is vacationing on a Caribbean island after a very trying job in the states Dungy is a high priced PR man or fixer for matters involving the church that folks would like NOT to be publicized Dungy had met Victory while working his last job A lady he thought he could finally connect with He had left her an open ended ticket to visit him in the Islands, yet after weeks he had not heard from her While casually watching the news, which he had seldom done on the island, he learned of the murder of Rev Cole on an adjacent island Cole was someone Dungy knew but was not very fond of Cole has been murdered while there for a ministers conference Dungy flew to the island to pay his respects At the conference Dungy is hired by another minister, for a handsome sum, to find out who killed Cole Dungy in taking on the job, ...

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    There sure was a lot of sin in paradise I must say that this book started off rather slow and it took me over a week to really get into it but once I decided that I had to see who killed the preacher I sat down and finished reading it The storyline just goes to show that even the men of the cloth sometime are just as corrupt and hide behind the name of God to cover a lot of stuff These par...

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    This is the second book I ve read about the character Nic Dungy The things he encounters dealing with church folk is never surprising to me That fact that he is a church fixer is what s funny,but he always delivers A minister is murdered on an island during a convention and Nic is there on a needed vacation Of course he is hired to find the murderer I ...

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    This started out really slow for me but boy by the time I got to the thick of the middle I was hooked I am a fan of Dijorn Moss and can t wait for his next one.

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    it took me a while to get into..too wordy however I did continue because I wanted to know who killed the preacher I would recommend this book to others.

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    Another great book I truly hope that this is not the end of the series.

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