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The Monarch Key download The Monarch Key , read online The Monarch Key , kindle ebook The Monarch Key , The Monarch Key 0d129c909d6f Reading The Monarch Key Author Darren Craske Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk CORNELIUS QUAINT THINKS THAT ALL HIS LIFE S QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED BUT THE GREATEST QUESTIONS ARE THOSE YET TO BE ASKED After Searching His Entire Life For Answers As To Why The Hades Consortium Murdered His Parents, Now At Last The Master Conjuror Cornelius Quaint Knows The Truth But If He Thought That His Life Was Going To Get Any Easier Because Of It, He Was Wrong.Deadly So.Invited To A Midnight Rendezvous With The Clandestine Organisation Known As The Observatory , The Conjuror Is Offered The Opportunity To Investigate The Grisly Murder Of Lady Crichton Blake, A Close Personal Friend Of Queen Victoria.But What At First Seems Like An Ordinary Robbery Turned Sour Quickly Becomes Something Far Sinister When Quaint Learns That The Murderer Has A Fascination For Leaving Playing Cards At The Scene Of The Crime Seeking The Aid Of His Clairvoyant Confidante Madame Destine, The Conjuror Is Soon Pitting His Wits Against The Psychotic Killer Dubbed Patience In An Effort To Predict Where He Might Strike Next But Behind The Scenes There Are Darker Forces At Work, Perhaps Those That Emanate From Beyond The Grave The 5th Book In The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles Sees Quaint And Madame Destine Embark On A Brand New Mystery The Perfect Jumping On Point For New Readers