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Spirit Guides chapter 1 Spirit Guides , meaning Spirit Guides , genre Spirit Guides , book cover Spirit Guides , flies Spirit Guides , Spirit Guides 874106ec02dfa Now In Its 16th Printing, This Best Seller Has Become A Metaphysical Classic Iris Belhayes Delivers An Inspirational And Uplifting Message We Are Not Alone We Are Surrounded At All Times By The Love And Support Of Our Spirit Guides The Author Shares What She Has Learned From Her Guide, Enid, Explaining The Role Of Our Spirit Guides And How Our Spirit Families Support And Assist Us In Living Out The Game Plan We Chose For This Lifetime Besides Offering A Sense Of Meaning And Purpose, Iris Shares Her Technique For Getting In Touch With Your Own Spirit Guides So That You, Too, Can Experience A Sense Of Hope, Reassurance And Joy.

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    Really good book on understanding spirit guides our connections to them, and them to us I am often asked many of the questions that are addressed by Belhayes I have recommended this book to a number of clients, who have found it very helpful.It is written in accces...

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    I found this book somewhere amidst the ever growing flood of recommendations given at the back of books on Wicca and pseudo shamanic practices It was keyed as a particularly thorough assortment of ideas and activities to stir up the knowledge of and communication with spirits I read it in conjunction with Ted Andrews book on the same subject, and it turned out to be a good combination.Belhay...

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    This book is very detailed, very extensive, well written I m able to relate to much but not all of it It is evident that the author definitely has extrasensory perception.

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    i didnt really enjoy this one, there was some good information but overall the writing seemed closed minded

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