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Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe chapter 1 Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe , meaning Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe , genre Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe , book cover Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe , flies Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe , Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe d03df5d4df451 When Someone Is Targeting The Lucky For Death, It Won T Take Long Before The Luckiest X Man, Longshot, Is In The Killer S Sights But Things Quickly Go From Bad To Worse As Super Heroes, Villains, All Of SHIELD And Even Cosmic Entities Have It Out For Our Boy What Are The Worst Threats That Ever Have Faced Or Will Ever Face The Marvel Universe The Hulkvengers Kraven The Phoenix WolfCap Wolverine, King Of The Vampires Cosmic Carnage All Of This Sounds Like A Job For Longshot, Right Maybe Not Is Longshot Finally In Over His Head, Or Can He Beat The Odds And Save The Marvel Universe When No One Else Can COLLECTING Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe

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    Um Ok This is my first time reading about Longshot Gosh I can t understand why he isn t popular blinks Hmm I don t think this one really needs any kind of in depth review.The gist Longshot is I think from an different universe How he ended up here, I have no idea He has the power to touch something and read its past, and he s magically luckywith stipulations Which mean, if he tries to use his Good Luck for evil, it blows up in his face, and if he uses it too muchit runs out Get it His Luck will run out Har har.I know it s not funny But give me a break, I m working with what I ve got here Anyway, he basically makes a mistake, fucks with a cosmic cube, ends up rewriting reality, and calls down the wrath of the Inbetweener.And not necessarily in that order For those of you who don t know, the Inbetweener is a magic cosmic being who is constantly trying to create balance in the universe.This isn t a bad story it s not great, either , and there are lots of cameos to keep you occupied Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Deadpool, Magneto, Dr Strange, Superior Spider man, Scarlet Witch, Dazzler, Nick Fury, and .Basically, it s a forgettable What If story with some entertaining panels.Bonus appearance by Capwolf Which make the whole damn book worth reading, in my humble opinion I mean, anytime you can see Captain America battling himself in his werewolf form, you should take advantage of that shit.

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    Fuck a duck but don t unless its consensual , this book was baaaaaaaaaad I didn t read Peter David s X Factor back in the day so I m not familiar with Longshot Here are his powers he s got psychometry which allows him to read the past from touching objects or something, he s good looking and he s lucky yes, these last two are classed as superpowers An evil looking dude with a half white half black mask calling himself The Inbetweener is hunting lucky old Longshot because he s lucky, then a cosmic cube comes into play, then the Inbetweener splits into two sides one good, one bad, even though they re both kinda bad and somehow the Marvel Universe begins to implode That is, until Longshot can somehow luck his way into saving it, while getting every female to drool after him because he s just that good looking apparently Uhhh whatever I couldn t have been bored with this book It s four issues looooooooooong and it feels like punishment Longshot is largely unknown for a reason luck powers What is he, a fucking leprechaun who models for Abercrombie and Fitch Christopher Hasting s plot was pure bafflement smeared on a stick and I had no idea what was happening most of the time The Cosmic Cube flashes Longshot is shot back in time or into a parallel dimension or something It flashes again He s somewhere different Suddenly WolfCap, Cosmic Carnage, and Wolverine, King of the Vampires, are on the page whaaaaaaaaat It flashes again He s saved the day somehow by wishing lucking his way to oh who cares, it s complete shite Awful Gibberish Take your sexy mallard and run the hell away

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    If this miniseries was an attempt to make Longshot a viable headliner for a monthly series, it didn t work.This story was a mess Chaotic maybe the best word to describe it In a way, it s appropriate since the personifications of Chaos and Order make Longshot their pawn in their machinations to advance their individual agenda.The best parts of this story and the best jokes involved the guest stars Longshot is a great character but he works best as part of a supporting cast and not the eponymous star of his own series.I guess I had high expectations for this story and it struggled to meet them thus falling flat.

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    Absurd Nonsensical Just too much funny

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    Just a fun, silly palette cleanser after spending a week reading a book I didn t like Enjoyable, lots of cameos

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    This was a lot of fun, although I feel like its a book that I m going to have to return to when I become familiar with the marvel universe outside of the X men and the MCU Longshot is a charmingly upbeat character and I think that this comic captured that really well so if your e already a Longshot fan definitely pick it up, but I m not sure how good of an introduction to the character it is if your e not already aware of him.

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    Inexplicable yet intermittently amusing miniseries in which the really, really, ridiculously good looking X Men affiliate s luck powers get so out of hand that reality itself is threatened The set up means that pretty much anything can happen which, while a fair satire of the general Marvel ambience, also makes it hard to invest Still, I can t resist stuff like the Hulked out Tony Stark WHERE WHISKEY WHERE WOMEN WHEREFATHER FIGURE

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    He s got a cool haircut Other than that this thing was kind of a mess.

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    500% fun

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    Let s start with Longshots new look Much better than the mullet be had when he first appeared in Uncanny X Men Annual 10.This is a four part mini series, that could probably have benefited from another issue or two I enjoyed it for the most part but the last issue devolved into chaos appropriately and I couldn t quite understand what was done to put it right Honestly when Marvel use multiverses or a cosmic cube I tend to lose the thread and find myself just hanging on for the ride Employing this device I enjoyed this And the artwork was fun too There were a few runs of dialogue narration free panels that I found difficult to follow but based on the chaos theory I attributed to the tale above I guess this actually makes sense, if the fabric of time is in flux between chaos and order Damn, now I ve confused myself again.Bottom line, I enjoyed it and I m keeping it in my collection.

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