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In the Bleak Midwinter chapter 1 In the Bleak Midwinter , meaning In the Bleak Midwinter , genre In the Bleak Midwinter , book cover In the Bleak Midwinter , flies In the Bleak Midwinter , In the Bleak Midwinter 9af39556ae93e In The Bleak Midwinter With No Money And Nowhere To Go, Ayla MacFarlane S First Midwinter Break From College Returns Her To The Decaying House She Grew Up In And To The Shadow Of Her Father, Whose Perverse Obsession With Her Made Her Years There A Misery Now Under Her Father S Control Again, Ayla Knows That If She Leaves Once It Will Only Be A Matter Of Time Before Their Father Turns His Sights To Her Little Sister JuliaThere S A Boy In The Woods But The Hunted Are Not Always Without Protection While Ayla Has Been Away, Julia Has Made Friends With A Mysterious Boy In The Woods That Surround Their Property Certain He Is Up To No Good, Ayla Sets Out To Confront Him, Only To Find A Beautiful Young Man Who Speaks In Riddles And Makes Her Heart Race What Is Stranger Is That He Knows Things No Human Should Know, And He Tells Ayla That He Can Help Her For A Price The Hunt Is On As The Solstice Nears, The Time Of Reckoning Is At Hand Will Ayla Have The Courage To Reclaim All Her Father Stole From Her And Protect Her Little Sister, Or Will She Be Be A Slave To Her Fear, And Lose Her Chance To Save Herself Forever

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    I freely admit that I wrote this because Cernunnos is hot as fuck Give me a man with a big rack of antlers and my panties drop Also I love playing with the various myths and confused traditions that surround Christmas and the solstice, including the Wild Hunt, Herne the Hunter, the death and rebirth of the sun, the king of the harvest, yadda yadda yadda, look I just like antlers ok Don t judge.

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    This book was sad, interesting and kind of demented If you are looking for a unique winter tale Defiantly original, I haven t come across a book like this I liked that it took me a short while to read only like a hour or so This book was well written There just a lot I would like to point out but don t want to ruin this interesting book You readers should check this book out for yourself If you are looking for a unique winter tale you should consider checking this book out.

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    60 second review I love the take on Cernunnos, the hunt and thetraditional solstice Sad and triggering A heartbreak tale beautifully written.

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    I want this

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    This story absolutely astounded me with its poetic sadness, violence and wicked revenge

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