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    While this book went right over my kids heads they re 2 , I really enjoyed the differences in the two characters and how they experienced this storm differently Great drawings and a nice story

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    Terrible Storm, written by Carol Otis Hurst and illustrated by S.D Schindler, is a story of two older men and a storm that forced them indoors and eventually caused them to meet This book is most appropriate for kids in kindergarten and first grade and does not have any sort of awards The book starts with the two old men talking about the worst storm they ever ran into when they were younger They were in very inconvenient spots when the storm started and had to take shelter The pages start to split in terms of their perspectives, as they take refuge in two different kinds of safe havens One is in a nice house with a happy family who happily feeds their new stranger, while the other man is in a barn with a cat and a horse waiting for the storm Even though they were in two different spots they were both in situations they weren t fond of When they are able to start digging their way out they cross path and then find their way home, revealing that they live in the situations that the other was trapped in The book ends with them two men on a porch together similar to the beginning This is a great story that does something not many other children s books do, show to different perspectives in a juxtaposition style This interesting and quirky style of illustration really contributes to the story in an excellent way It can teach children the idea of separate perspectives and they can become intertwined Th...

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    As a family with young children and half of us are extroverts, half introverts we LOVED this book and found it so charming and cute And probably accurate, too It s a darling, creative comparison or foil of two very different but both lovable and close grandfathers who are opposites I would like to own a copy of this book because it s so sweet Cute images set in be...

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    I gave the rating based on how my 5 year olds liked this book rather than how well I liked it It took a fair bit of explaining to help them understand that although both characters agreed that the big storm was the worst, it was for very different reasons Lines of dialogue are given without knowing who is saying what most of the time The dialogue is one of the least fun to read or hear that...

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    I loved this book Limited text but detailed illustrations bring to life the huge Blizzard of 1888 that took New England by surprise and stranded many in unusual locations I appreciate that it is the reminiscences of two elderly men Children need to know h...

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    This is one of those picture books that tells a good portion of the story only through the pictures I love that The pictures are colorful, interesting, and fun The story is very realistic and I could easily see such a conversation happening between my own grandfathers.

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    Cute story Slightly low word count illustration balance The story is being told by two different gentleman at the same time This is a little hard to read to a group but is easy to follow by the preschoolers one on one in your lap as you can talk about the back and forth.

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    I enjoyed these two personalities and how the book addressed them It went over the heads of my kids 6yrs to 3yrs but they enjoyed the pictures and the silly voices I used to narrate from the standpoint of two old men.

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    This book does a great job at conveying a message that someone s life isn t for everyone I enjoy the way that this book tells the reader the message in a unique way.Guided reading N ADRA Level N ATraits voice organization

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    Story of friendship from childhood clear throughout adults.

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Terrible Storm download Terrible Storm, read online Terrible Storm, kindle ebook Terrible Storm, Terrible Storm c07f37336c0c In This Fictional Account, Grandpa Otis And Grandpa Clark Recall The Great Blizzard Of 1888, Also Known As The Great White Hurricane, Which Paralyzed The East Coast Of The United States That Year Each Man Has His Own Reasons For Remembering How Bad The Blizzard Was Full Color.