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Gondola txt Gondola , text ebook Gondola , adobe reader Gondola , chapter 2 Gondola , Gondola 46f6d4 Of All The Trademarks Of Venice And There Are Many, From The Gilded Basilica Of San Marco To The Melancholy Bridge Of Sighs None Is Ubiquitous Than The Gondola The Internationally Acclaimed American With The Venetian Heart, Donna Leon, Tells Its Fascinating Story The Washington Post.First Used In Medieval Venice As A Deftly Maneuverable Getaway Boat, The Gondola Evolved Over The Centuries Into A Floating Pleasure Palace, Bedecked In Silk, That Facilitated The Romantic Escapades Of The Venetian Elite Today, The Gondola Wears Black A Gleaming, Elegant Hue, And Is Manned By Robust Gondolieri In Black And White Striped Shirts And Straw Hats.A Tourist Favorite, The Gondola Has Never Ceased To Be A Part Of Authentic Venice Each Boat S 280 Pieces Are Carefully Fashioned In A Maestro S Workshop Though Leon Also Recounts A Tale Of An American Friend Who Attempted To Make A Gondola All On His Own The Feat Took Five Years And Countless Do Overs But The Gondola Is A Work Of Art Well Worth The Labor And Once Its Arched Prow Pushes Off From The Dock, The Single Venetian At Its Oar Just Might Break Out In A Barcarole, A Popular Italian Boat Song The Best Of These Songs, As Timeless As The Allure Of The Gondola Itself, Are Compiled Into An Accompanying CD.

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Commissario Brunetti

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    There are few boats romantic, iconic than the flat bottomed, high prowed gondolas, symbol of Venice and her watery way of life I ordered this thinking it was another Guido Brunetti mystery Instead it s a lovely, very personal series of essays from Donna Leon on Venice, the history of gondolas and the modern craft of making and rowing these odd boats There is a marvelous CD with traditional Venetian barcarole that, than...

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    A tiny, unique treasure for anyone who loves to love Italy.With her quick wit and dry sense of humour, Donna Leon steers us through the fascinating history of the world s most famous boat An easy read, Gondola is filled with interesting facts about the gondola it s made of 8 different types of wood and has 280 pieces , as well as fun anecdotes about how this boat has touched her life a friend makes good on a promise to build a gondola from scratch I picked up this book for research on a story and found it so interesting that I read it three times consecutively But of all the unexpected things I learned from this book, it was the effect of pollution from the cruise ships that dock daily in Venice that I found most illuminating and tragic, which seems fitting when speaking of Venice In the end, Gondola is not only a love letter to this famous boat but a look back on a way of life that is no longer If you love Venice, love Italy, or just want to fill your head w...

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    This was a pleasure to read In addition to a brief history about gondolas, it also includes illustrations by famous artists and a CD of barcarole songs traditional songs shared by gondoliers as they float through the canals My favorite chapter included a visit with builder who explained the process of constructing a gondola it takes a year to build one In addition to building one gondola per year, he repaired existing gondolas If I ever get a chance to visit Venice, visiting one of these shops will definitely be on my list I also enjoyed the chapter with the little dog who always howls when he hears gondolier...

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    Darn, I thought it was going to be another detective story, but it was interesting to learn about gondolas.

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    Anything Donna Leon produces is beautifully written, and this is no exception Like its sister volume Venetian Curiosities, Gondola is barely even a book , such is its brevity a little over 100 little pages, including lots of double page illustrations, plus an accompanying CD of Venice related music.Gondola is surprise, surprise all about gondolas their construction, their history, the gondolieri and so on Each gets a chapter to itself.I just used this as an occasional dip in as the mood took me book, but you could read the entire thing in an hour or ...

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    I liked the quick view of the history of Gondolas and Venice The most intriguing and upsetting was the last chapter about modern cruise ships and the damage they are doing to the ancient buildings stucture Decision made, I ll have to fly there.

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    This quaint little hardcover informative book is a little treasure.Written by Donna Leon, an American who has lived in Venice for than 30 years, this book covers many topics pertaining to the famous Gondola Donna writes about the romance of the Gondola, with her pages interspersed with paintings by old master...

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    Best known for her novels about Venetian detective Guido Brunetti, Donna Leon shows that she also has talents in the non fiction genre Gondola , as one might expect from the brief title, describes the history, design, and lore of the famed aquatic symbols of Venice The book is qu...

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    Venice needs saving, deserves savingA wonderful and comprehensive history of the gondola of Venice Every page direct, and engaging, and at the end, the lament of a very special, world heritage city And there are sons, both in English and, I believe, the special language of love.

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    some was dull, but some good, about the building of one, short story, skipped the CD of music

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