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    Review of The Enthusiastic Amateur CORNELIUS QUAINT CHRONICLES, BOOK 5 Author Darren Craske Entry is on Kobo books.This is a great little short story It s not a whodunnit More of a how do I get myself out of this mess Here we go.THE ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEURReviewHow do you cope when your reputation is questioned Cornelius Quaint decides to call Quentin Claremont s bluff and walks into a trap set purposefully for him Heavily balanced in favour of surviving the traps set for him and living to fight another day, Darren Caske is serving up another tasty magical morsel.CharactersCornelius Quaint, master conjuror and magician Quentin Cromwell, enthusiastic amateur Prometheus, strongman Jeremiah, circus clown Peregrine, circus clown.StoryDuring another masterful performance on a packed stage of the circus, master conjuror and magician Cornelius Quaint is heckled mercilessly by Quentin Claremont After his performance Prometheus offers to cause harm to the heckler but relents in favour of the clowns Jeremiah and Peregrine making him the butt of all their dastardly jokes.The next morning Cornelius find a note from...

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    A free e book for the kindle from uk a short story featuring Darren Craske s magician character, Cornelius Quaint The premiss for this series is an interesting one, and appealed to me straight away The character of Quainte doesn t initially come off as very likeable, and of an anti hero, in the mild of Sherlock Holmes , in that he finds the different events he finds him self in as of an annoyance The writing style at times is a little confusing and muddled, mainly because it features large sections of text with Quaint recalling past experiences, but with random thoughts also included Despite being written in the third person it creates a similar effect to a internal monologue This is fine in small doses but occurs to often in a story of around 30 pages But due to the nature of the tale I guess it may just be permissible Despite these complaints I think I will try one of Mr Craske s full length no...

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    The criticisms from Simon s review are fair, and I ll add that the villain seemed unlikely and a bit childish Despite the problems, Craske s stories are humorous and well thought out, and actually quite enjoyable all told.

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    As usual another good story but disappointed that it was a short one Could have gone further with this story

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    A short story.OK for a freebie.

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The Enthusiastic Amateur summary pdf The Enthusiastic Amateur , summary chapter 2 The Enthusiastic Amateur , sparknotes The Enthusiastic Amateur , The Enthusiastic Amateur b74de89 A Short Story Featuring Everyone S Favourite Magician, Cornelius Quaint Hi Jinx Abound In This Rip Roaring New Adventure In The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, Our Hero Encounters An Amateur Magician Who Will Stop At Nothing To Reach The Top Of The Bill

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  • 30 pages
  • The Enthusiastic Amateur
  • Darren Craske
  • English
  • 27 October 2017

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