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Shilappadikaram pdf Shilappadikaram, ebook Shilappadikaram, epub Shilappadikaram, doc Shilappadikaram, e-pub Shilappadikaram, Shilappadikaram 4bf13a4cd51 The Peerless Young K Valan Leaves His Loyal Wife Kannaki For The Courtesan M Dhavi, And Though He Returns To Her, He Still Meets His Death Because Of Her Ill Omened Ankle Bracelet The Shilappadikaram Has Been Called An Epic And Even A Novel, But It Is Also A Book Of General Education Adigal Packed His Story With Information History Merging Into Myth, Religious Rites, Caste Customs, Military Lore, Descriptions Of City And Country Life And Four Cantos Are Little Anthologies Of The Poetry Of The Period Seashore And Mountain Songs, Hunters And Milkmaid S Song Thus The Story Gives Us A Vivid Picture Of Early Indian Life In All Its Aspects.

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    ItalianQuesto un libro interessante perch racconta la storia di Kannaki e di come da moglie fedele e devota al marito diventa la divinit della castit e della fedelt Si ha anche uno spaccato sulla storia del Tamil Nadu e le tre importanti dinastie dell epoca i Pandya, i Chora e i Chela si legge anche di come fosse una regione prospera e ricca in cui gli abitanti vivevano felici, dedicandosi a molti piaceri, e protetti da re equi e giusti Vengono analizzate minuziosamente le tre arti canto, musica e danza e c una lunga spiegazione sulle note, sul come accordare gli strumenti musicali e sui diversi tipi di danze Questo poema epico ha anche insegnamenti morali Parla del dharma, l importanza di essere giusti, e del karma, ovvero che ogni azione ha una sua conseguenza Il voto basso dovuto a diverse cose tra cui la traduzione L edizione italiana non stata tradotta dall originale tamil, ma da una traduzione inglese e il testo ne risente Le divinit ind hanno molti nomi che variano a seconda degli attributi o dell aspetto Ogni volta che viene nominata una divinit c un elenco lunghissimo di tutti i suoi attributi, sicuramente per far capire a quale forma del dio ci si ri...

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    The Shilappadikaram is the story of a doomed young couple The husband abandons his wife for a dancer He squanders his fortune on his mistress, breaks up with her over a somewhat petty tiff and then goes back to his wife, who naturally accepts him Broke and disgraced, he drags her on an arduous trek to Madurai, where, using his wife s gold anklets as capital, he will start afresh Unfortunately, in Madurai, the queen has just lost a gold anklet, so he is captured and executed while trying to pawn his wife s anklet His wife, in a frenzy of grief, confronts the king, who, learning of this miscarriage of justice, dies of shame Then, the girl wanders around, rips off her right breast and causes the city of Madurai to burned down in divine retribution We are told that it is all because of past life sins the standard Hindu explanation for anything and everything I really don t care much for the central story What I did love were the numerous vivid descriptions of everything from the tuning of a musical instrument to the many weird and wonderful magical creatures and places along the way to ...

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    Outstanding TranslationI had read Kannagi s story as a child Recently I became interested in Sangam literature and based on various reviews, I chose the English translation by Alain Danielou This translation takes one back in time and presents the richness and splendour of ancient Tamil Nadu It provides plenty of information on the various states in India, social structure, the political climate and religious outlook of those time...

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    A reprehensible, immoral boy prostitutes orgies between girls and returning soldiers Transvestites having their way with conquered kings polythesitic, disproportionately vengenful piece of garbage whose reputation is not only unworthy but whose pages should have long since been buried under the dustheap of prose A romance in a cruel world where Karma rules The story is beyond bizarre A loyal young wife suffers her husband s long absense of debauchery with a prostitute When he returns and asks for one of a pair of her ankle bracelets to sell to recover the family fortune, she follows him 300 miles in bleeding bare feet to a vast and wealthy city ruled by a very good and powerful king When the husband tries to sell the bracelet, he is accused of stealing the Queen s anklet and is summarily executed by command of the unwitting king.When the innocent wife discovers this injustice , she confronts the king, shames him to death immediately followed by the queen and invokes a god to destroy the city by fire.And there are few innocents because each member of the population had done something during a prior life that deserved such immolation The city is reduced to ashes.To top it all, the loyal wife becomes a goddess after tearing off one of her breasts in grief for her lost husband Then another great king decides to erect a temple to this goddess and makes total war on Northern kingdoms so he can bring a rock home from the Himalayas and sculpt it in her likeness Mean...

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    Well I must say this was interesting than I expected The story itself is pretty straightforward, but what makes the book special is the intrusion of myths and folklore I didn t get the full meaning of all that, as my notions of Indian deities are pretty vague, but I liked it nonetheless And the book offers a complex perspective on women even if they are mostly objectified,...

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    A great insight into south Indian culture at ancient times Wealth of the countries, how responsible and concentrated the kings were ask are reflected in this epic main story line is interesting too.This book also contains a summarised version of manimekhala as well.

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    Very beautiful Read it years ago It s the most romantic thing, full of dooms and passions A deer park Girl heroism There s got to be movies made of it.

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    An intriguing epic from South India, centred just as much on the lives of women as on men Despite being written in the 200s, it mentions Singapore and Malaya

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