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A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature summary A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature , series A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature , book A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature , pdf A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature , A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature 2875c5e9a4 In A Non Philosophical Theory Of Nature Anthony Paul Smith Asserts That The Old Theological And Philosophical Ideas About The Unnatural Are No Longer Tenable Parts Of Nature Seem To Be At War With One Another The Human Against The Rest Of The Biosphere And This Is Because Our Very Understanding Of The Idea Of Nature That Comes To Us From Philosophy And Theology Has Perpetuated That War Smith Argues That The Very Idea Of Nature Must Be Rethought As Ecological, And Towards That Purpose Uses The Methodology Of Fran Ois Laruelle S Non Philosophy To Bring Together The Fields Of Philosophy, Theology, And Scientific Ecology And Treat Them As Ecological Material Out Of This Ecology Of Thought, A New Theory Of Nature Emerges For An Ecological Age.

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    While I m sure that much of this text went over my head, Anothy Paul Smith s A Non Philosophical Theory of Nature was a text that I learned a lot from, and enjoyed quite a bit The text builds upon Fran ois Laruelle s concept of Non philosophy in order to produce a Non philosophical theology that enables the science of ecology to impact philosophy in order to discover a notion of nature that isn t reduced to naturalism The text is divided into 4 parts The first part, entitled The Perversity of Nature Foreclosed to Thought delves into current work that attempts to bring both philosophy and theology into conversation with ecology In each of the examples that Smith provides he shows that the engagement is always a hierarchical one In every case it is philosophy or theology that provides insight into the ecological, without the insight ever moving in the opposite direction Smith posits that this is the result of the history of philosophical engagement with science with suggests that science simply a empirical field that produces raw facts In contrast, theology and philosophy attempt to provide normative claims Thus, philosophers and theologians argue that philosophy and theology are able to use the empirical claims of science and provide meanings to them Thus, the engagement is not one between theology philosophy and science, but rather a practice where theolo...

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