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House of Fun txt House of Fun , text ebook House of Fun , adobe reader House of Fun , chapter 2 House of Fun , House of Fun aa67e7 House Of Fun Is A Bumper Collection Of Simon Hoggart S Finest And Funniest Sketches Written Since He Took Up The Poisoned Quill Twenty Years Ago It Is Instant History With Added Jokes.Read About How John Major Learned The English Language From His Time In Nigeria There Is Tony Blair, With His Verb Free Sentences Which Imply Everything And Promise Nothing Gordon Brown, The Grumpiest Prime Minister Of Recent Years, Both Stalin And Mr Bean And Now David Cameron Who Really, Really Hates Being Drawn With A Condom On His Head.Let S Not Forget John Prescott, Who Can Wrestle The English Language To The Mat And Win By Two Falls To A Submission, Michael Fabricant With His Hairpiece Stolen From The Tail Of A My Little Pony, Sir Peter Tapsell, A Grandee So Grand That When He Rises To Speak, Hansard Writers Are Replaced By A Crack Team Of Monks To Write Up His Words In Illuminated Lettering Nick Clegg, With His Default Expression Of A Man S Whose Chldren S Puppy Is Still Missing And Of Course, The Famous 2010 Press Conference In The Garden Of Downing Street, A Love In That Would Have Been Illegal In 44 American States.This Book Will Have You Laughing, Chuckling, Roaring, Sniggering, And Sometimes Despairing.

About the Author: Simon Hoggart

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the House of Fun book, this is one of the most wanted Simon Hoggart author readers around the world.

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    The twenty years of parliamentary sketches this book covers chimes with the period in my life when I held politicians in total disdain and could at least stomach hearing about their antics Nowadays I hold them in lower regard and try to live in a politician free zone ignoring the boorish behaviour at every opportunity.But the recent sad death of Simon Hoggart brought this book to mind.A whole collection of his best writing which starts at the fag end of a tired Tory government run by John Major, through the genuine relief and excitement of a Tony Blair led Labour government, till that ran out of steam and the cycle started again with a coalition government that instantly looked tired.There were many times I laughed out loud, countless times I smiled and pretty much remained amused throughout Laughter really is the best medicine There is a certain modern Wodeho...

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    The Guardian s political sketchwriter for two decades, this collection of selected Hoggart pieces from 1993 to 2012 is great fun With dozens of articles skewering Britain s leading politicians in inventively lyrical ways, Hoggart s work is usually both entertaining and informative.True, some of these pieces should never have been included because they re downright dull, or too fanciful but overall, it s a strong collection Helpfully, most of them have an introductory line or two setting them neatly in context a great help when there are so many of them over such a long period There s also an extensive index, which again, is than welcome.Reading the Kindle edition, I found myself highlighting a massive number of quotes and passages, either because they made me laugh, or because they so well crafted, or because they just felt right There s a small OK, there s quite a few of em lightly edited sample below Chances are, if you like these, this will be a book worth buying 1994 If I were Mr Tony Blair, I would stop waving my arms around in an illustrative way He is not presenting Blue Peter From the 1996 Labour Party conference there were the lines of suits, the smart women s outfits, the prosperous middle class of Britain who are now in the happy position of having both main parties dedicate...

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    An enjoyable read and a reminder of times and politicians both past and in some cases also forgotten The recent death of Simon Hoggart was sad, depriving us of such witty and humourous writing as this book provides This is a summary, a digest of 20 years of commons sketch writing and covers the period from John Major s government right through the rise and fall of Tony Blair as PM, the entry into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that ...

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    Simon Hoggart s death robbed us of one of the funniest journalists writing in Britain His parliamentary sketches were without doubt the funniest of that genre This is his last collection Most have been published before but worth re reading It makes me wish the Guardian would go back and publish h...

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    The late Simon Hoggart was one of the best Parliamentary Sketch writers His work for the Observer and the Guardian was was always incisive and funny That said, this collection is perhaps not the ideal representation of his work.

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    Quite funny and a bit insightful into the world of politics, mostly the Commons.

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    very humorous and insightful

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    Marvellous stuff Not only was Hoggat an excellent sketch writer, but the book covers a 20 year period and recalls some largely forgotten politicians Humour and history

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