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    Krzysztof Kamil Baczy ski is considered one of Poland s greatest poets White Magic and Other Poems is a collection of many of his poems The volume includes an introduction, which talks about Baczy ski s life, influences, and writing style The book also includes both the original Polish version of the poems and the translated English versions This was excellent for me, since I was able to see how close the translations actually were and practice with my Polish at the same time.Looking at the poems the reader can clearly see that Baczy ski s surroundings affected the way his mind worked As the Second World War progressed, his poetry got darker His poetry continued many of the themes seen throughout Polish literature Religion and pride for one s country were evident throughout many of these poems Some of them also showed his great love for...

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    This isn t going to be the most articulate review, but I knew, going in, that I would likely enjoy Baczy ski s work I was struck by his biography, and what I knew about his poetry interested me.I did enjoy it, than I ever expected I feel that I will re read this little anthology than once, and someday when my grasp of Polish i...

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White Magic And Other Poems (Green Integer) download White Magic And Other Poems (Green Integer), read online White Magic And Other Poems (Green Integer), kindle ebook White Magic And Other Poems (Green Integer), White Magic And Other Poems (Green Integer) 555e79615384 Regarded By The Poles As One Of The Greatest Polish Poets Of The 20th Century, Baczynski Ranks Alongside With Czeslaw Milosz, Zbigniew Herbert And Wislawa Szymborska In His Homeland, Yet Is Is Virtually Unknown To English Language Readers, Which This Volume Hopes To Correct Baczynski Died In 1944, Involved With The Warsaw Uprising Against Nazi Control.