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Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) chapter 1 Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) , meaning Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) , genre Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) , book cover Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) , flies Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) , Dumb Clucks (Rotten School, #16) ea09597e66efe Buffalo Wings Of Steel Just How Stupid Is Stupid Chicken Bernie Bridges Thinks The Superfowl Cartoon Character Is A Dumb Cluck And The Same Goes For His Chirpy Sidekick, Little Cluck Cluck.But Why Not Make A Buck From A Cluck Bernie Tries To Sell Stupid Chicken T Shirts To His Pals.One Problem Half The School Hates Stupid Chicken Their Hero Is Drastic Duck, The Caped Quacker.Now Bernie Finds Himself Caught In The Middle Of The Battle Between The Clucks And The Quacks

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    Kind of an abrupt series ending.

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    Similar to the previous entry, Dumb Clucks doesn t feel like the typical Rotten School book though this is a good thing as the series is starting to feel a bit cliched Here, Mr Stine pokes fun at how children can be get wrapped up in a new cartoon series quickly Actually, the R...

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