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The Money GPS chapter 1 The Money GPS , meaning The Money GPS , genre The Money GPS , book cover The Money GPS , flies The Money GPS , The Money GPS 1c0e25ebe6568 With A Solid Foundation And Minimal Maintenance, Anyone Can Understand Exactly What S Truly Going On In The World There Is A Definite Game Plan Where You Stick To The Principles, Apply The Formula, And Achieve Wealth, Regardless Of The Economic Conditions.David Quintieri S Book, The Money GPS, Takes The Complexity Of The Financial System And Transforms It Into Simplicity The Frequent Use Of Diagrams And Charts Allows The Reader To Learn Visually, Making A Complex Subject Easy For Anyone To Learn.The Clock Is Ticking In This World Of Paper Money Unpayable Debts Are Piling Up All Over The World And Are Attempted To Be Resolved By Adding Even Debt This System Will COLLAPSE, Creating The Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of The World From Those Who Hold Paper, To Those Holding Real Assets.The Money GPS Empowers And Prepares The Reader In These Uncertain Times.

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