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The Brick Foxhole chapter 1 The Brick Foxhole , meaning The Brick Foxhole , genre The Brick Foxhole , book cover The Brick Foxhole , flies The Brick Foxhole , The Brick Foxhole dc3ab2456b8cc Reading The Brick Foxhole Author Richard Brooks Nature Explore.eu Set In The U.S During The Final Months Of WWII, This Story Of Murder Reflects The Racism, Anti Semitism, And Homophobia Of The Times The Main Characters Are A Group Of Soldiers Coping With The Frustration, Boredom, And Disgrace Of Serving Stateside While Other Men Are Over In Europe And The Pacific, Killing The Enemy Brooks Wrote The Novel While Serving Stateside During The War In The Marine Film Corp He Claimed To Have Based The Story On Conversations He Heard Amongst His Fellow Marines.This Novel Was The Turned Into The 1947 Film Noir Movie Crossfire Starring Robert Young, Robert Ryan, And Robert Mitchum, Where The Motivation For Murder Was Changed From Gay Bashing To Anti Semitism.

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