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The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1) files The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1), read online The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1), free The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1), free The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1), The Selkie Spell (Seal Island Trilogy #1) 74dbfaf95 Alternate Cover Edition Is HereAmerican Doctor Tara Moore Wants To Disappear On The Run From An Abusive Husband, She Seeks Shelter On A Windswept Irish Island And Dismisses The Villagers Speculation That She Is Descended From A Selkie A Magical Creature Who Is Bewitching The Island But When A Ghostly Woman Appears To Her With A Warning, Tara Realizes It Was Than Chance That Brought Her To This Island Desperate To Escape A Dark And Dangerous Past, She Struggles Against A Passionate Attraction To Handsome Islander, Dominic O Sullivan But The Enchantment Of The Island Soon Overpowers Her And She Falls Helpless Under Its Spell Caught Between Magic And Reality, Tara Must Find A Way To Wield Both When A Dangerous Stranger From Her Past Arrives, Threatening To Destroy The Lives Of Everyone On The Island

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    The Selkie Spell didn t leave me spellbound, but it charmed me While the story wasn t original it still read as unique, and the writing was warm and welcoming.The novel follows Tara, an American doctor who fakes her death to escape an abusive husband and flees to a remote Irish island She convinces the very handsome, very suspicious pub owner Dom to hire her as a temporary worker Of course, temporary is anything but as she soon falls for Dom and his daughter and the quirky islanders and the island itself They feel right to her They feel like home And who couldn t help but be intrigued by legends of Selkies and a spell that can only be lifted when the Selkie s descendent returns to the island Hmm, I wonder who that descendent could beSeveral reviews have noted that the story and the style of The Selkie Spell is reminiscent of Nora Roberts I agree in that Moss writing has a comforting quality, the story is infused with magic and Irish folklore and culture, and the circle of family and friends and neighbors is a key component But despite the magic and occasional mayhem, Nora s books are still character driven For a character driven story to be successful, you must properly develop the characters And while I m not a fan of page after page of internal monologues or extensive use of flashbacks, I m also not a fan of dialogue as character development tool Unfortunately, The Selkie Spell was too driven by dialogue, at times overwhelmingly reliant upon conversation to move the story forward As a result, I felt somewhat disconnected to the characters and less invested in their emotional journey But at the end of the day, I was invested in the story I could see myself reading of the series since I have a soft spot for Ireland I did honeymoon there, after all and books like warm drinks on cold days Read for SBTB July September 2018 Quarterly Challenge A book with a connection to water.

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    I struggled a bit over what rating to give this book one of the first I ve read on my Kindle Fire and realized that I wish Goodreads offered the ability to give ratings based on a few different criteria For example, I would give this book 3 or 3.5 stars for concept, probably 1.5 stars for complexity of writing and language, 3 stars for entertainment level and ability to hold my attention I did finish it, after all , 2 stars if I were being objective or as objective as possible , and 3 stars if I were considering my personal interest in the Irish setting and folklore Okay, so maybe that s a bit too many criteria, but you understand my meaning.I was very excited about the concept of this book as I started reading, because I love the Irish folklore of selkies The thing that turned me off the most about this book was when it strayed into Harlequin Romance style love scenes It s not easy to write a love sex scene that s not too over the top mushy and unfortunately, this writer did not accomplish it.Overall, I enjoyed it enough to finish reading and it was an easy read for over the holidays when there were lots of other distractions going on around me Would I recommend it as worth the time when there are so many other books to be read Not likely.

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    I ve been in a serious reading drought lately Nothing I ve picked up has held my interest Not because the books were bad, it s just that nothing clicked with me that made me want to stay up all night reading, instead of painting, to finish it But, the drought is over, this is that book I really, really enjoyed this book The characters felt very real to me, I loved the chemistry between Tara and Dominic, I LOVED the setting I ve always wanted to go to Ireland , and the selkie legend is one of my very favorites I m always on the lookout for any book that might have a new twist on it I think this book had a perfect blend of fantasy mixed with reality, it s a great urban fantasy I thought the plot flowed very smoothly, I literally could not put it down and finished it in one day I m very excited to see what Sophie writes next I have a feeling that I just may have stumbled across the next big author.

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    I just spent the afternoon curled up with The Selkie Spell and could not put it down The Selkie Spell is a beautifully written novel about a young doctor who moves to a remote Irish island to escape her scary and dangerous past She doesn t expect to fall in love with the island, or its captivating and sexy pub owner, Dominic O Sullivan, but she soon finds out that this enchanting island escape holds even surprises for her than unexpected love With sweet and steamy romance, a pinch of fairytale magic, and frightening suspense building on each page, this book has it all Sophie Moss is an amazing debut novelist who took me straight to the gorgeous cliffs of Ireland without having to pay for the plane ticket Can t wait to read her next book

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    Meh There were things about this book that were just bad My biggest complaints being how the author introduced periphery characters There was a scene in the pub where several people were speaking but you knew who none of them were blah, blah, blah said Donal O Sullivan Who is Donal O Sullivan And why does his opinion matter There were also several instances where the POV would change within the same section of a chapter You would be reading something from Tara s perspective then all the sudden it would be Dom s thoughts It was confusing and annoying.YaY I like Selkies.

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    The Selkie Spell is a lovely and lyrical Irish romance with a haunting ambience that clings to your heart long after you finish the last page, making you feel as though you ve just taken a trip to an enchanted island Ms Moss prose is carefully wrought and often stunning in its poetic beauty, and she creates characters who you can t help but feel for However, it is her ghostly figure from the past, a Selkie woman who haunts the island and seeks to be freed from her dark curse, that most tugged at my heartstrings Tara Sydney, her descendent, gets caught up in the web of this legend that unknowingly impacts her life as well, and Moss weaves their stories intricately together so that their fates become inseperable and riveting Part romance, part mystery, part fairy tale, this is a novel that takes several genres and gently threads them together for an overall satisfying read Hopefully, Moss will continue her enchantment with the beguiling character of Glenna, whose timely visions and ability to charm strangers makes her a character that readers can t help but adore A lovely debut

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    The Selkie Spell had me under it s spell from the start The cast of characters was amazing and it was like experiencing life on the island along with them I loved the way Sophie wove real life issues with magical story telling she has an incredible gift

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    Coming into this I was not sure what to expect The selkie myth is huge yet there are not a lot of books that focus it it, so this was a delightful change from my usual shifters I was also thrilled with the idea of delving into some Celtic myth.The story here is beautifully crafted From the very start I was enchanted and did not want to stop reading The whole book is very much like a Selkie Siren singing her song that puts you under a charming spell I did not want it to end and was beyond thrilled to find it is actually a series The story comes from a mixed narrative, mostly from the two leads POV, but also from many supporting characters This gives you a rounded tale and gain huge insights into the whole world The transitions were smooth and flowed beautifully from one character to the next.I love Tara, she has such strength and determination She meets her match in Dominic, they are both so stubborn You can feel the chemistry from the start and there is no surprise that these two will get together I love it when the sparks fly The romance here is lovely and melts your heart at times The story has so much than just a romance Everything about this sleep island town is engaging and the characters easily draw you in further There are some great layers with the Selkie s curse and the danger following Tara Everything combined to make an enchanting read.I listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollis McCarthy, who does a brilliant job She takes on many distinct voices and delivers a delicious Irish accent in the hero She has a fantastic pace in her read that lends itself to the movement of the story This was a perfect marriage of narrator and book I hope she stays with the whole series if it comes to audio.Overall, this is a dynamic read that delights the reader with beautiful prose and engaging characters So much going on in this story but it never feels too busy Ms Moss is also clever enough to weave in threads of the other two books characters I am eager to see Caitlin and Glenna discover their HEA When I accept a book to review I am always worried about how I will react I am happy to admit I am ecstatic with this find and can not wait to read of this charming author Disclosure I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.

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    I expected to enjoy The Selkie Spell but not to fall in love with it.I am a big fan of fairytales and mythology, so even though I don t normally read romance, I couldn t resist a story set on a little Irish isle about an unresolved selkie myth And The Selkie Spell delivered The setting was beautifully described and the island s history not only fit satisfyingly within selkie lore but pulled from the larger fairy repertoire to make something new and unique The sequences where the fairytale bleeds into the modern day have an intoxicating fever dream quality that I loved But I didn t expect to care about the romance at all Boy, was I wrong All the characters had their own problems, issues, and lives beyond the scope of the fairytale mystery or the main romantic storyline Everyone was likable and you understood why they cared about this possibly doomed relationship and that made you care Because I couldn t help caring that Tara and Dominic overcome their personal nightmares together.

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    Bought this book on a whim and peeked at the first few paragraphs Ended up staying up til 1 am to finish it Fresh, vibrant writing and a delightful, heart felt story that only feeds the craving to visit Ireland

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