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    Title Dinosaur DinnersAuthor Lee DavisIllustrated By Goodreads Star Rating 3.54Categories Genres Early Reader Non FictionCopyright Date 2015Estimate of Age Level of Interest K 3Estimate of Reading Level 6 8Brief description This book identifies several dinosaurs with some facts about each of them with an emphasis on classification by what they eat Each dinosaur s name has a phonetic pronunciation when introduced.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book.This book is narrated by the dinosaurs themselves is detailed with italicized text, bold words, graphic, and text boxes which make it easier for young readers to pick out details The illustrations are detailed and realistic Dinosaur names are spelled phonetically when introduced and are also listed in a glossary in ...

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    2.5 stars Definite kid appeal, but I didn t like the inconsistency of the illustrations Some appeared to be photos of model dinosaurs, others paintings, others CGI The speech balloons on some of the pages wer...

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    I liked it because it told you about dinosaurs I learned that there are 3 types of dinosaurs They are herbivores who eat plants , carnivores who eat meat , and omnivores who eat both meat and plants.

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    A great book about what the dinosaurs ate Plus it breaks down the different dinosaur names into easy to pronounce pieces Of course your kids probably know all the name of all the dinosaurs anyway Has a nice review page at the end.

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    It s okay It didn t stand out as anything special, but it isn t bad The pronunciations for the dino names helped me than the kids Only because they already knew them.

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    Ages 6 8TransitionalI liked that this book included information about a lot of dinosaurs that I and children, presumably don t know a lot about I can only read about brontosaurus and t rex so many times before I am bored So I m glad there was some additional interesting dinosaurs to read about The information was very clear, and written using simple language I liked that small text boxes linked new information about dinosaurs to information about animals that children may have seen in zoos Like comparing the styracosaurus horn to that of a rhinoceros My problem with this book, and one that should have been apparent by the title, is that there is a lot of anthropomorphism going on The words are told from the viewpoint of the dinosaur I am a dinosaur who eats nothing but plants I stay close to my babies to protect them from meat eaters Because of this, I bumped it from 4 stars to 2 I would probably not use this book in my classroom, but ...

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    Dinosaur Dinners has turned into one of my favorite informational reads All young and curious readers who love dinosaurs or otherwise will find something fun and interesting in this picture book Each page features a different dinosaur complete with realistc visuals, fun facts, and specific information on what that dino eats Children learn the difference between an herbivore and a carnivore along with all different types of dinosaurs.True to an informational book, this one is detailed with italicized text, bold words, graphics, and bordered text These things make it easy for young readers to pick out details and learn than they mi...

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    Good basic overview of several dinosaurs with some facts about each of them and an emphasis on classification by what they ate using carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore vocabulary words Helpful pronunciation guide for the harder dinosaur names

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    A brief introduction to meat eaters, plant eaters, and one omnivore Good for a begining reader or budding palentologist.Includes large colorful pictures, limited text, and a phonetic pronunciation guide.

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    i liked learning about the dinosaurs.

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