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    Read Harry Potter they said It ll be fun they said Our childhood was built on Harry Potter they said.WELL YOUR CHILDHOODS WERE ALL HORRIBLE OMG WHAT IS THIS BOOK WHAT IS THIS MESS I M IN Excuse me, but that large salty lake where my life used to be is my tears Yes, yes, this means I loved it But SERIOUSLY Nooooot okay At the end there, especially, I couldn t put the audio down so I was wandering about my house in a blind daze listening instead.And because every human and their fluffy poodle has probably sensibly reviewed this book, BAH I m just going to make a list of things I loved and things I didn t My Intense And Passionate LOVES Harry Ginny yes I was dubious at first Like I think romance is NOT JKR s strong pointplus when she gets to a romantic scene she ends the chapter HHAHAH ADORABLE Not that I minded, I justI think she s not good at romance But omg, there was that moment after the Quidditch match YUP You know what I m talking about Excuse me, my heart just ran around in circles screaming and shipping Hermione I adore her, butI gotta admit, she was a little bit too stuffy BUT I STILL LOVE HER I love her love for learning I ...

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    i dont want to talk to anyonedont even look at mei was expecting it and i still cried for like 30 minutes

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    A 86% Extraordinary Notes It dwells on the delightfully mundane aspects of the magical world, and adds new dimensions to familiar characters.

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    This remains one of my top favorite HP books The Voldemort origins, the Dumbledore Harry business, Draco s mission, the Snape reveal, and the moment the trio decide to not return to Hogwarts so they can stop Voldemort once and for all It s a book that manages to balance ...

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    I was first introduced to Harry Potter in a Children s Lit class in college I had resisted this popular phenomenon until I was forced to pick it up for a grade, and Book 1 was short enough that I could read it in the course of 2 hours I have to admit I wasn t impressed to any extent, nor did I dislike the experience, but I was critical on grounds of its being derivative, even if reading the first led to reading the second After all, if I was bored and looking for something light, I could do worse than a fantasy about a child wizard who fights evil with his friends But it was really the third book, with its increasing darkness, that took me in and made me a fan With a movie coming out for Order of Phoenix and Deathly Hallows on the horizon, I decided I would reread Half Blood Prince I figured it would take four sittings, of course, with its 600 pages, but time does fly when reading this one, and I ve come to the conclusion that this is my favorite so far What I wouldn t have been willing to admit in college that I m perfectly comfortable saying no...

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    I m not sure why, but this one took me completely by surprise I was expecting this installment to be mainly filler to get us to the Deathly Hallows, but so much happened here that I must have forgotten from the movie The Half Blood prince was considerably darker than the previous 5 books, and I just adore how this series has ...

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    Re Read in December 2014 for Harry Christmas To YouThis is DEFINITELY one of my top favorite books in the series Shit just gets so real.My thoughts Dumbledore is so FREAKING sketchy in this book He s so secretive, and he s always sneaking around, not explaining anything to Harry I m always so proud of Fred and George for getting their own joke shop I don t know what it is, I just feel like a proud mom ALL OF THE TOM RIDDLE BACKSTORY THE GAUNT HOUSE OMG I literally need a whole book about Tom Riddle s life That would make me happy While reading this book, there were about a hundred times when I was just amazed by irony at the whole Snape Half Blood Prince situation Harry is always going on about how great the Prince is and how terrible Snape is, etc I loved it Tom used to collect trophies, said Dumbledore, This will be important later WHY COULDN T HE HAVE JUST EXPLAINED HORCRUXES TO HARRY THEN COME ON MANNNNN the fact that Voldemort went back to Hogwarts to ask for a job just is hilarious to me I m picturing a sort of weird looking Tom Riddle like plz im evil but i luv hogwartz when you find out that the Defence Against the Dark Arts job is actually cursed thumbs up I love...

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    I m yet to mention one of the most important characters in this series in a review I m, of course, talking about Severus Snape.Severus, the unsung hero.Severus, who sacrificed his own soul.Severus, who loved another than life itself.Severus, the half blood ...

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    I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick Harry Potter is my life My life is Harry Potter Once again there are so many great and amazing scenes and quotes pressed between these pages, so much truth and emotion How could it not fall for it again and again and again.Some of my favourite scenes in no particular order Fleur and Mrs Weasly falling into each others arms crying just thinking about it makes me teary but no, really Fleur is such an amazing and slightly underrated character She lives with the Weasleys, where, honestly, no one makes it easy for her Molly is fighting a constant battle with her but Fleur doesn t back off Everyone is convinced she is vain and arrogant, but it s that moment in the hospital wing where finally these two amazing women recognise each other as equals, where Fleur gains acceptance and much than that respect Everyone expected her to leave Bill for selfish reasons, no one expected that she really, truly loves him But by proving that she would stand by him, whatever might happen and everyone knew bad things were going to happen she opened Molly s eyes and Molly saw her, for the first time, for what she really was A strong and fierce woman and wife, as she was herself the Memories Dumbledore at the orphanage, Tom Riddle visiting Hepzibah Smith and Voldemort coming to ask for...

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    I could revisit this world over and over Mel

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