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    Best Read It IS my bible However you put it Deep seated beliefs are the operating system You ARE what you believe, period Change the beliefs that stifle your growth true essence, and you can Be, Do Want whatever your heart s desire

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    You ARE what you BELIEVE Excellent book The reason I ave it for stars is because I didn t like the last couple of chapters which dealt with E.T UFO s The first couple of chapters are GOLD.

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    I enjoyed the channellings of Bashar as well as the wisdom provided in the book

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    I enjoyed the concepts that Bashar discusses and shares with us However, I must admit that I did skip over the portions of the book that focused on ET s and his planet My focus was to read about abundance, beliefs, manifestations, energy etc.

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    Bashar All That Is God the Creator Infinite Creation Using the term All That Is points out that nothing is outside of The Creator , including you Isn t this the most important message to receive and understand This book answers the deeper questions that we have about life and reality It s vitally important to expand our thinking especially in this day and age I ve b...

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    This is now one of the top 5 books I ever readgreat book on consciousness different realities sacred geometry channeling aliens the book is stellar in every single way and this book is close to perfect in e...

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