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    I agree with Elizabeth David I never liked Mrs Beeton either Instead, Mrs Leyel Miss Hartley write with love and with interest Mrs Beeton, as far as I m concerned, merely provides recipes for survival.Each chapter of The Gentle Art of Cookery begins with an apt quote or several and an introduction that outlines the basics, designed to build confidence One hand holds the book open aloft as it were the other wields the wooden spoon or knife, or whatever Chapter VI quotes include Alexander Pope, The vulgar boil, the learned roast an egg I ve always sublimely longed for the confidence to silently approach from behind a competitor in a cookery competition, and in a ringing voice quote that Or perhaps not It really wouldn t be fair.Knowledge of basic cookery techniques are largely, but not entirely, assumed The reader s hand is gently held and educated That Patna rice is used for curries and savouries, and Carolina rice for sweet puddings They are cooked quite differently p.235 may seem obvious to us today in 2014 but it s ...

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    I came to this cookbook by way of the Phryne Fisher series of mysteries by Kerry Greenwood In those books, one of Phryne s adopted daughters, Ruth, wishes to be a cook and the family s cook, Mrs Butler, recommends The Gentle Art of Cookery as the best source for beginners And as she s generally known to be, Mrs Butler not to mention Kerry Greenwood was right.The Gentle Art of Cookery was originally published in 1925 and presents seemingly complicated, French flavored recipes in straightforward, plain, and easy to follow English, allowing you to create such dishes as Filets de Boeuf la Carlsbad, Herrings la Bohemienne, pinards au Sucre, Navets Glac s, and Mousse au Caf without having a d pression nerveuse mental breakdown over long winded and complicated directions Recipes are arranged by ingredient Vegetables, Fish, Meat, etc and then broken down alphabetically according to the specific type of ingredient beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrots, etc , with some ingredients like Chestnuts and Mushrooms getting a chapter all to themselves Then there are specific chapters devoted to specialty cooking for example, there s a chapter devoted to Dishes from The...

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