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Ultimate Speed Secrets chapter 1 Ultimate Speed Secrets , meaning Ultimate Speed Secrets , genre Ultimate Speed Secrets , book cover Ultimate Speed Secrets , flies Ultimate Speed Secrets , Ultimate Speed Secrets 9ac19801229d4 Ultimate Speed Secrets Is The Drivers Guide To Going Faster Professional Race Instructor Ross Bentley Has Raced Everything From Indy Cars To World Sports Cars And Has The Experience To Make Any Racer A Complete Driver With Detailed Drills And Comprehensive Instructions, Bentley Covers Everything You Need To Know Choosing Lines Adapting To Different Cars, Tracks, And Racing Conditions Setting Up Controls And Understanding Car Adjustments And Mental Preparation Whether You Are Racing An Indy Car Or Simply Interested In Becoming A Complete Driver On The Street, Ultimate Speed Secrets Will Give You The Information You Need To Succeed

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    Really great, super detailed guide to race driving There was a fair amount of fluff and some repetitive information, but for the most part this is just page after page of valuable information There are also plenty of visuals I d recommend this to any racer at any level.

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    I started in this 1,5 years ago Picked it up recently to start over and finished it in about a week If racing or driving fast at all is your passion, this is a great book to read Great insights, valuable tips, some methods to work with and besides that a very interesting read with some nice stories to support his theories.

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    More suitable for racers who don t enjoy reading Explanations are concise without missing much Many chapters only took a page I love the unexpected tips you never thought of such as adjusting your wing mirror And it comes with colorful illustrations which is a nice bonus.

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    Excellent Certainly a must read for anybody who has ever even considered driving a car on a track I would call it a must read for anyone who is a serious fan of auto racing and wants a deeper appreciation of what drivers are up to at any given moment during a race This book is meant to replace several of Bentley s previous books by consolidating their content into a single tome It is quite thorough The material is accessible while never being dumbed down The discussions of weight balance and traction are worth the price of the book alone Even the portions on mental preparation and attitude are surprisingly good Bentley gets bonus points for quoting a favorite of mine, Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind I know that this book, and those from the Skip Barber school, are considered to be the best on the subject, but I still underestimated how much this was going to enrich my understanding of the dynamics of an automobile I should really say that I overestimated my understanding of it prior to reading the book It makes you wish there was an F1 race on the TV every time you put the book down.

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    Great resource for learning the fundamentals of racing, but it s brought down by some dubious psychology and neurobiology For example, he talks about learning styles, something which has been largely discredited for awhile now He also talks about being able to improve your left and right brain integration and thus your racing ability by doing unrelated cross hemisphere exercise, which as far as I can tell has little evidence to support it.

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    less you riving

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    Must read for any driver who wants to improve I have been racing for 20 years Still can not figure out why I did not read this book earlier.

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    This book is THE resource for race drivers There is a wealth of practical knowledge and you can t digest it all in one sitting you keep going back to it as a reference.

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    Good technical read on driving techniques Not an easy read This is potentially something I could come back to or get people to read to build a better licensing system.

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